John 3:16 – “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.”  NASU Freedom There is no greater picture of Life, Liberty, or Freedom than the work of Jesus in purchasing our Salvation.  We are FREE only because He died, rose, and lives for us.  It is through His precious blood that we have access to Eternal Life.  We talk much about political freedom and liberty in national governments but the greatest and truest source of freedom, life, and liberty is GOD.  We could be free politically and a slave spiritually but IN CHRIST we are FREE! The greatest example and display of LOVE was when Jesus willingly went to the Cross.  It describes and demonstrates the Love of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit for mankind.  Such a sacrifice is beyond human reason and the Unconditional Love of God is beyond human description.  We love and love deeply but we do not love that deeply without THAT LOVE living and operating in us.  It is Christ in us that is the Hope of Glory. Eternal Life or Eternal Death, are our only choices.  I know that some who do not believe in Heaven or Hell do not accept that and some of the religions of the world hold to many differing philosophies and beliefs but for me the Bible is my guide.  God is my source of hope and life.  As I told a young gang banger years ago that wanted to challenge my faith, “If I am wrong and you are right that God does not exist I have truly lost nothing because I’m living a fulfilled life.  But, if I’m right (and I fully believe I am) and you are wrong then you have lost everything so which choice makes more sense to you?”  He looked as if I had poured a bucket of ice water on him and he began to shake and finally ran away as an old man stepped out of the crowd and said, “You’d better listen to this man.”  We have choices in life and when the Holy Spirit knocks on our heart’s door the only real option is to accept that invitation.  Any other response would be, in my view, the dumbest mistake one could make.  God loved and loves us enough for Jesus to die for us to pay the penalty for our sin. So hopefully as you celebrated this past Independence Day your remembered that you are Free truly because of Jesus’ finished work on the Cross.  Additionally we must never forget the service and sacrifice the the untold throng of men and women who served.  May God be with you as you celebrate today! Freedom Is

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