Isaiah 61:7 – “Instead of your shame you will have a double portion, And instead of humiliation they will shout for joy over their portion. Therefore they will possess a double portion in their land, Everlasting joy will be theirs.”  NASU

Let’s move on to the next part of this consideration if we may.

Spiritual Blog - Talents

THE DOUBLE TALENTS – – Rewards for Faithful Service.

There is a place for ‘faithfulness’ and ‘diligence’ in the service of God.  Yes the blessings come from God, but He wants us to USE what He has given us.  We are not ‘owner’s’ we are ‘stewards’ with ACCOUNTABILITY.  There is the danger of becoming ‘fearful’ or ‘prideful’ and ‘possessive’ in this.  As God blesses us through hard work we may tend to think we have ‘done it’, ‘earned it’ or ‘deserved it.’

Luke 12:48 – – “To whom much is given, much is required…”

Matthew 10:8 – – “Freely you have received, freely give…”

Luke 6:38 – – “Give and IT shall be given to you….”

Therefore, the more you give of what you have given to you the more He causes to be returned to you.  God has called each of us into a unique ministry, service, or purpose in the Kingdom. You have a destiny.  My destiny drives me. I know that in order to fulfill that purpose I MUST have the DOUBLE PORTION.  I want to ‘blaze trails’ so that others can also walk in victory and eat the fruit of the land.

I hope you catch this DOUBLE PORTION PROPHETIC ANOINTING.  It is astounding! In 1 Kings 19 Elijah had just had his encounter with Jezebel and her prophets.  He turned and ran to the desert and is having a deluxe pity party when he suggests that the best thing would be for God to kill him.  It is there that God issues the marching orders and shows him the awesomeness of his office, anointing, and mantle.  He then operates as THE LORD’S ANOINTED going forward.   In verses 15-21 we find that he anoints two kings over two kingdoms and brings forth Elisha to take his place.  That is not too shabby.

Spiritual Blog - Elisha

Consider the history of Elisha.  He was a successful farmer, overseeing twelve yoke of oxen and is handling the twelfth pair himself.  That is not a small operation. He was an overseer, a doer.  His name means – God is Salvation. Twelve symbolizes – Divine Government and Apostolic Fullness.  Oxen symbolizes – Treading out the Word of God.  Twelve Oxen – The fullness of apostolic ministry.  Elisha is a type of ministry to come!  So, if you can receive it, the Early Church had the Elijah anointing and today the church of the Last Days is to operate in the Elisha anointing or DOUBLE PORTION.

Follow the progression in the examples if you will. We are God’s firstborn (Hebrews 12:23).  Joint-heirs with Jesus to the Double Portion inheritance!  This is good for all times and seasons but the SIXTH DAY there was Double Manna.  I believe prophetically we are in that time today.  Consider the Double Rain of Joel 2 and we know that at the End of the Age there will be DOUBLE RAIN and DOUBLE HARVEST.  So, I contend that God has given us the Promise of a Double Inheritance, Double Manna, Double Rain, and Double Anointing.

We are the declared Church of Jesus Christ a glorious and triumphant church and God wants us to have whatever we need to become that in a manifest measure in today’s world.  So I urge you to seek God to grant you a DOUBLE PORTION that you can use for the purposes of His Kingdom.

May God be with you and enable you as you go through your day!  BLESSINGS!

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