Spiritual Blog - Beginning


Genesis 1:1 – “In the beginning God…”  NKJV

             I do not normally like to take isolated portions of scripture and build a message or even a devotional but I feel compelled to do just that today.  In the first four words of Genesis 1:1 we find the very best place and the only logical place to start in our consideration of life and anything that it affords – – “In the beginning GOD…”

             I know that some who claim to be atheists or agnostics rail at that and are offended by the mention of God and some insist that we cannot know or be sure.  I knew a guy in Vietnam who would vehemently attack anyone who even mentioned God and on one occasion when it appeared that he might be about to meet death began to whimper and called out to God.  Sadly, none of us were equipped to help him spiritually and I do not know if that was a life changing experience for him or not but I have never forgotten the event. 

            I grew up believing God existed but did not grow up serving God and there is a vast difference.  After Vietnam my dissatisfaction with life continued to grow and in Palestine, Texas a couple of families were nudged by the Holy Spirit to make my salvation a matter of intercession.  They slowly erased all my excuses, demonstrated no ill feelings at my verbal abuse and rejection, and showed me love and compassion when I gave them no reason to do so.  The people of that little church had something I knew I did not have but I resisted strongly.  Finally through a series of events upon receiving a note from one of them suggesting that I read a particular passage of Scripture my world changed about midnight on a Saturday night sitting at the kitchen table.  Prior to that night I had come under such conviction that I knew I was lost and going to hell if my life did not change but the devil had me convinced I had done too much and was doomed.  That passage from Proverbs 3:5-6 was the catalyst that God used to penetrate my wrong thinking and bring me to freedom spiritually and I WAS SAVED.  I did not have to tell people there was a change they knew it.  I did tell them but people would come to me that knew nothing and ask, ‘What happened?  You are not the same.”

            When I finally began at the beginning I found LIFE and HOPE.  I had to begin with God.  I am so incredibly thankful that He spared me through Vietnam and allowed me to live long enough to come to a full knowledge of Him and receive His grace and mercy.  I am thankful that I have had the opportunity to share my experience and the love of God with countless people that I knew and influenced during my life before SALVATION.  I am thankful for the years of walking with the Lord and would not take anything for my journey.  He has demonstrated His faithfulness even in my unfaithfulness and failures.  NO, when I think of Life I can only think of THE BEGINNING and that beginning is GOD.

            May God be with you as you go through your day!

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