Deuteronomy 2:2-3 – “And the LORD spoke to me, saying, 3 ‘You have circled this mountain long enough. Now turn north…’” NASU

spiritual blog - circles

I have and you probably have found yourself going in circles in life and after a while found it difficult to acknowledge that fact and break out of the cycle.  I remember once fishing with my dad and brother and it was one of only two times I can recall my dad being turned around in the woods even at night.  After we passed a particular bend in the creek and the same Elm tree three times dad acknowledged that we were lost and stopped long enough to reorient himself and led us to the truck.  When you are lost it seems that one tends to make one step shorter than the other and instead of going in a straight line often you will go in a circle as we did.  Nothing is in the right place and the other time we were disoriented an Uncle insisted that the creek was running the wrong direction. Obviously it could not be so it allowed us to reorient ourselves and find our way out.  That is true in the natural and the spiritual. 

Sometimes we need to ‘cease striving’ and listen’ so the Holy Spirit can help us become reoriented and head in the right direction.  In this case Israel was wandering almost aimlessly in the wilderness by God’s plan and now the time had come when God spoke and said, “Enough already it is time to head north to the Promised Land.”   He instructed them how to conduct themselves, where to go and what to expect and reminded them that although they had been in the wilderness forty years they had been taken care of and lacked nothing.  They were learning to TRUST and that would be essential in their taking possession of the Promised Land and their failure to trust would be a key in their downfall in later years.

If you sense that you are simply going in circles and accomplishing nothing, progressing nowhere, and have a sense of emptiness as a result I suggest that you STOP what you are doing and LISTEN.  God will give guidance if your heart is willing to hear and heed what He directs.  Do not seek to manipulate God that will not happen and will only prolong your aimless wandering leaving you empty and dissatisfied.  If you are willing to heed what you hear from the Word and Spirit of God you will be pleasantly surprised at how quickly you emerge from your doldrums and enjoy God’s Promise.

            May the Lord be with you as you go through this day!

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