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John 1:29 – “The next day John saw Jesus coming toward him, and said, “Behold! The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!” NKJV

Although some may take it this way I do not mean to be splitting hairs but ask that you take note the text did not say “SINS” but “SIN” of the world.  We have many acts called ‘sins’ that we focus on but God focuses on THE SIN of the world that plunged mankind into the clutches of the evil one and separated him from fellowship with God bringing about the need of redemption and a savior.  For me there is a difference between man’s ‘sins’ and the ‘sin’ of the world as I believe this passage is referring.

I think it is tragic that much of the Church world has focused on ‘actions’ rather than ‘heart’ in our addressing the sin problem and for that reason have missed far too much of the harvest.  Actions are important but they are secondary to the root problem of THE SIN OF THE WORLD.  If we find the solution to the ‘Sin’ of the world we will find the solution to the ‘Sins’ of man or the actions we notice and oft discuss in religious circles.  In a sense it is majoring on minors and hinders evangelization of the world and the fulfilling of the Great Commission.  I’ve been around churches that sought to ‘clean the fish’ before they caught them and that is certainly getting the cart before the horse.

What is THE SIN OF THE WORLD?  It is my belief that to answer that question you must return to the Genesis account of man and find it in the Garden of Eden.  In Genesis 3 we begin to see the events that brought about the Fall of Man and the plunging of the race into a condition of depravity separated from God needing redemption.  Adam and Eve did not need redemption BEFORE the fall but as a result of their rebellion and disobedience they subjected the race to devil’s rule.  I have heard the Fall of Man preached and the focus was on the forbidden fruit rather than the choice that resulted in the disobedience.  The fruit had no magical powers but rather was a tangible expression of man’s choice to obey or disobey the commandment of God who created him.  It was upon their rebellion and disobedience that their eyes were opened, that separation from God’s grace, keeping and fellowship opened the door to fear and fear plunged them further into a state of dependence on man’s ability rather than simple trust and reliance on God.

In the rebellion in the Garden we find Adam blaming Eve and Eve blaming the devil rather than simply accepting responsibility for their disobedience they sought to justify their failure.  God did not leave Adam and Eve or humanity hopeless but offered a promise that there would come one who would bruise the head of the serpent and as a result would liberate man from the domain of the devil and open the door to restoration with God.  That was a prophetic picture of the Christ to come from the seed of the woman and the Cross where divine justice would be satisfied with the sacrificial lamb slain for the SIN of the WORLD. 

The Cross was the altar upon which God accepted the payment for SIN and opened the door to restoration.  It was in the birth, life, death, and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ that we find man liberated from the dominion of darkness and access granted transfer into the kingdom of light.  Our Redeemer came and He took away the SIN OF THE WORLD which enables us to enter into to that life that can and should enable us to stop SINNING or committing ACTS that are the focus of the church most of the time.  It is in Christ that we have SIN lifted so that sins can be dealt with.  Until THE SIN OF THE WORLD becomes a settled issue the sins of man will remain an unsolvable problem.

May the Lord be with you as you go through your day!  Blessings abundantly is my prayer and desire!

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