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Psalm 58:6 – “Break their teeth in their mouth, O God!  Break out the fangs of the young lions, O LORD!”  NKJV

They say that honest confession is good for the soul so let me confess; there have been times I wanted God to kick somebody’s behind for me but He didn’t physically.  I have even asked if He would let me do it and He wouldn’t.  Okay now that is out of the way let’s consider this verse and Psalm 58 as it relates to you and I as believers in the 21st century.

Is David really asking God to ‘break the teeth and fangs’ of the wicked?  We find something similar in Psalm 3:7 and again I ask, is he asking God to kick some booty?  I know people who believe that based on these passages and a few others in Scripture they can enlist God’s help in hurting those who hurt them and live wickedly.  These same people want the Grace of the New Testament and the license of “an eye for an eye” of the Old.  Sometimes people adapt scripture to fit their desire or belief rather than allowing scripture to guide their faith and conduct.

I would suggest that if you notice the beginning of this Psalm that David is addressing those in positions of political and/or spiritual authority and they are not presenting or promoting righteousness.  He suggests this is due to the wickedness of their heart and all they say and do is poison and destructive.  When people either religiously or politically see wrong and sit silent they are complicit and in a great sense guilty of that very evil.  I suggest that David is speaking metaphorically and asking God do ‘take away their power and authority’.  If God renders them powerless, without influence or authority they will no longer be able to do their destructive works.

In that sense I fully endorse praying this kind of prayer toward those who demonstrate wickedness in this world.  I believe as in Ezekiel 33 that we are charged to ‘warn the wicked’ to turn from wickedness and if we do not do so we are guilty of their sin and the innocent blood will be on our hands.  Therefore, I believe it fully in agreement with the Bible to ask God to render those desiring to do wickedness and destruction powerless.  In fact we Job declaring in Job 29 of ‘breaking the fangs’ of the wicked and snatching victims from their teeth and considered it honorable to do so.

I realize that the Bible instructs me to pray for those in positions of authority and I do but I also realize that the Bible instructs and permits me to pray against evil and I do.  I have no hesitation to ask God to forcefully intervene against ‘sex offenders, sex traffickers, abortionist, and child-molesters, terrorist and even oppressive government.’  How can I watch as evil is carried out and not do that which I know to do to stop and silence it?

Therefore while I do not expect God to, physically ‘break out the teeth’ of the wicked I do ask Him to expose them and strip them of power.  I have no qualms about asking God to intervene on behalf of His children when oppressed, targeted, bullied and abused and ask Him to silence those guilty of such acts.  I do not encourage anyone to view God as their bouncer or enforcer but rather as their shelter in the time of storm and wall of defense for He has declared He desires to be.

Please do not ask God to do physical violence to those who seek your hurt rather pray for their souls, pray against their works and always maintain a right attitude.  As you demonstrate His character, pray His promises and stand on His principles you will see God move on your behalf and while those doing the deed may not see or understand others will and lives will be touched.

            God bless you as you go through your day!

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