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Numbers 11:29 – “Then Moses said to him, “Are you zealous for my sake? Oh, that all the LORD’s people were prophets and that the LORD would put His Spirit upon them!”  NKJV 

In this account young Joshua was distraught over the Spirit of God moving on the seventy elders began prophesying as the Spirit that was on Moses came on them.  What seemed to disturb him even more was two men God has also chosen did not come out for the gathering but the Spirit of God fell on them as well and they began to prophesy.  Joshua was troubled by their failure to respond to the directive to the man he viewed as next to God in importance.  Their failure to reverence Moses troubled young Joshua.

Moses cautioned him recognizing the source of his concern and uttered the desire that ALL the LORD’S people were prophets and the Spirit of the LORD would be upon them.  I share that desire for I know that when God’s Spirit rests heavily on anyone something wonderful transpires in their lives and labors.  I believe that the apostle Paul is echoing that sentiment in 1 Corinthians 14 when he instructs the church to “pursue love, and desire spiritual gives, but especially that you may prophesy.”  Paul declared the value of the prophetic voice and echoed the heart of Moses which was the heart of God concerning God’s people.

I’ve heard prophetic utterances from people that would argue they said nothing prophetic, but they did.  I have received confirmation as to a direction in which the Holy Spirit was leading via the prophetic words of individuals who had no idea they had spoken prophetically to me.  They did not see themselves as prophets and had never consciously engaged in making a prophetic utterance.  They just said what was in their heart and the anointing of that word was quickened to my heart and I knew instantly that I had heard a prophetic word that resonated and witnessed to me.

I’ve been told that preaching is prophesy and some of it may well be but there is a dramatic difference between ‘forth-telling’ and ‘fore-telling’.   I would suggest that all God’s people are prophets in a measure as we speak that which the Holy Spirit quickens to our hearts via the Word of God.  How many times have you heard something that you knew instantly was of a realm other than this one?  How many times have you heard something that was immediately quickened to your heart and it inspired faith and confidence in you giving you a boldness and assurance that enabled you to stand or take a needed action?

I have had people tell me that miracles are a thing of the past and prophecy is no more but I ask that you consider both the Bible and your experience before you remove a potential blessing of the LORD from your walk.  I understand the statement of 1 Corinthians 13 about knowing in part, prophesying in part and all that ceasing when that which is perfect comes.  Before you declare that is the written Word of God let me ask, “Has knowledge ceased?”  If all the things that are to cease disappear you dare not conclude that some have and others have not.  Why seek to eliminate a provision and blessing of God?  Why not seek to receive all that God has for us?  Of course there can be and is abuse but does the existence of abuse render the benefits, blessings and promises null and void?  There is abuse in voting but shall we ban voting?  There is abuse in marital relationships but shall we ban marriage?  There is abuse in life but we dare not allow some abuse or misuse defeat the benefit and blessing.

Simply test all things by the Word of God and allow the Holy Spirit of God to witness and cause things that are truth to resonate.  God came to give you and me Life and that More Abundant!    God bless you as you go through this day!

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