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Proverbs 21:2 – “Every way of a man is right in his own eyes, but the LORD weighs the hearts.”  NKJV

I recall a discussion with an individual about a particular matter of faith and that individual proclaimed something that was, in my view, completely foreign to the precepts and principles of God’s word.  In fact, their belief was in direct conflict with several passages in the Bible that would be difficult to interpret differently.

It was when I reminded this person of those passages he said, “But it’s what I believe.”  In short, he was declaring that it did not matter how many passages from the Bible I could present to them, he had decided that what he believed was right and nothing else mattered or would sway him.  That is an incredibly dangerous position in matters of faith or in matters of life generally.  If we ignore revealed truth in defense of our particular belief or ideology we are not just being foolish we become potentially dangerous.  We are dangerous to the faith of the weak, newbies, susceptible and our own faith.  We are allowing ourselves to become tools of the enemy of our souls and demonstrating a stubbornness that is akin to witchcraft.

Most of us, believe that what we believe is right and most of the time believe that what we are doing and how we are living is right.  It is almost impossible to look at self objectively for we all have blind spots that we are totally unable to see and often reject when they are revealed or suggested.  However, God is not subject to our view or inability to see truth about our lives or conduct.  He sees everything and the end from the beginning.  He knows our thoughts afar off.  He knows when we get up, sit down, or lay down.  He is OMNISCIENT, OMNIPRESENT, and OMNIPOTENT.  He sees and knows and desires, through the Holy Spirit, to guide us into all truth.

God weighs our hearts and if we are weighed in the balance and found wanting we should desire Him to lead us into rightness and righteousness.  If we are in error we should desire to find truth.  In my years of living the Christian life and Christian service I have found that some things I initially believed I no longer believe because I have gained knowledge, from His Word, and my doctrine and beliefs have been modified to accommodate the word not the word modified to accommodate my beliefs.

Just because we believe something does not make it truth it makes it our belief or opinion.  If the facts, the revealed word of God and the Spirit of God pull back the veil of understanding and expose us to a greater revelation we need to incorporate truth into our beliefs.  I know some who search the Bible to find isolated passages they can use to solidify their argument or belief rather than seeking to KNOW TRUTH and adapt their beliefs to truth. Just because we think we are right does not mean that we are it means we think we are!

            May the Lord be with you as you go through this day!

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