Spiritual Blog - Adversity

Proverbs 24:10 – “If you faint in the day of adversity, Your strength is small.”  NKJV


             The word “faint” means to let drop, relax your hold or become disheartened.  The word “adversity” means a tight place or a place of trouble.  Therefore, it would seem this passage is declaring that if we “let go of, relax our grip on or become disheartened when we face difficulty, are in a tight place and feel hemmed in” our strength is small.

Most of us have been in difficult places where we felt hemmed in and everything in us cried, “give up and give in”.  That is a sentence of death and in our hearts and heads we know it.  I heard an illustration of a baby before birth as an explanation of this passage.  Imagine how a baby must feel before birth.  The baby appear stuck with no way out and once they enter the birth canal they must feel hemmed in and squeezed by their circumstances.  That baby, for 9 months has had plenty of room to grow.  The body that housed them grew with them and then suddenly there is no room.  They cannot back up and are squeezed tightly causing stress.  They have two choices, keep pressing forward or die where they are. 

I can relate that to the condition of many in times of difficulty.  It is either keep inching forward or die where they are.  I am not saying die literally but the death that occurs is worse than physical death.  We have two choices, hold on to the promises of God and keep moving forward regardless of the pace or allow our promises and vision to die there.  We must hold fast to the strength that comes from God in those times.  The Bible gives an alternative to losing our grip and giving up in times of difficulty.  Proverbs 24:5 declares that a man of knowledge increase in strength.  That knowledge is not any knowledge but knowledge of God and His word.  Simply put, the more word the more strength!  Proverbs 10:14 reveals that a wise man will store up knowledge.

In the natural a wise steward will plan for the future and set aside funds for the unknown.  In the spiritual a wise one will always have more than they need stored up in their hearts and heads.  Then when the day of adversity raises its ugly head that one will not be left with weakness but empowered by the Word of God.  I readily acknowledge that even if we are full of the word and drawing from God’s strength adversity can take its toll.  If we do not continue drawing from the well and digging in the mine of truth drawing from God’s strength we will be overcome.  Hosea 4:6 says, “My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge.”  There is nothing more valuable in our spiritual diet and exercise than the Word of God.  Hosea 6:3 declares, “let us pursue the knowledge of the Lord.  His going forth is established as the morning.  He will come to us like the rain, like the latter and the former rain on the earth.” 

Therefore, if we have become weary and are nearing collapse that is the time to saturate ourselves in the Word of God.  It is there that the Holy Spirit infuses strength into our spirits and quickens us empowering us to stand.  If you neglect anything do not let it be the Word of God or prayer!

            God bless you as you go through this day in Him!

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