TRUST – We All Do, but in Whom or in What???

Spiritual Blog - Trust

Psalms 20:7-8 – “Some trust in chariots, and some in horses; But we will remember the name of the LORD our God. 8 They have bowed down and fallen; but we have risen and stand upright.”  NKJV


I had a person tell me once, “I have no faith in anything.”  I thought they were joking and laughed.  My laughter inspired such anger and it was then difficult to communicate and educate as to the fallacy of that statement.  We all have “faith” or “trust” in something or someone and none are totally devoid of faith or trust, as his statement suggested.

I have experienced losing faith in someone or something but every day I demonstrate faith and trust.  I trust the chair to hold me up when I sit down.  I do not think about it, I have experienced the dependability of the chair or chairs and now trust without question.  I trust the restaurant in which I order a meal to prepare it properly, maintain a certain level of cleanliness and sanity.  My trust may be and has proven to be misguided at times but my overall experience allows me to trust without giving it a second thought.  This is true in many areas of life.

I know some who are so distrusting of banks and other financial institutions they have literally buried their money or hidden it at home to insure its safety.  I know some who have become so cynical and distrusting of people they are unable to develop any meaningful relationships in life and are lonely and miserable.  I know some who are so trusting they are frequently taken advantage of but continue to trust time and again exposing themselves to hurt.

The Psalmist raised this issue that some trust their ability or possessions (chariots or horses) and the result is that things and self can and often do fail us.  The contrast was that rather than relying on the arm of flesh those of faith TRUST by remembering the Name of the LORD and rise and stand upright in the midst of difficulty and triumph.  The issue is not “Do We Trust?”  The issue is “Whom or What Do We Trust?”  God created in us the ability to trust otherwise we would never have turned to Him and received His mercy and grace.

Trust is easy to offer but once violated it is incredibly difficult to regain.  The words, probably Solomon’s in Proverbs 25:19 are applicable.  He says, “Confidence in an unfaithful man in time of trouble is like a bad tooth and a foot out of joint.”  I am sure that most have experienced a foot or other portion of their body which has become strained or sprained as well as having a toothache.  Those are incredibly painful experiences.  If you have a sprained foot or ankle walking is most difficult and if you have a toothache you can focus on almost nothing else.  Likewise placing confidence in someone who is unfaithful, untrustworthy and unreliable brings disappointment that is almost unbearable at times.  Man will fail but God will not.

So “who” or “what” do we trust?  I pray that we become like the Psalmist and remember the name of the LORD our God and place our confidence in Him.  God is completely reliable and has promised to NEVER leave or forsake us.  If He says it, He will do it.

            God bless you as you go through this day!

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