Spiritual Blog - Christmas

Today many are celebrating with family in the warmth of their homes opening presents and preparing to partake of the holiday feast prepared or being prepared.  Sadly, there are others alone, cold, penniless and destitute.  Some of them have lost all hope.  I ask that you remember them in your thoughts and prayers and if you have not already, plan to help someone in need, if not today soon.  Christmas is about Love, Caring and Giving and how better to manifest the Spirit of Christmas than reaching out to someone in need?

I share the poem below which I wrote 10 years ago during a time I was encountering parathyroid cancer and when I experienced a work of God the surgeon called a miracle.  As I sat in my truck at lunch praying and reading scripture I felt a warmth cover my body and knew in my heart that God had totally removed the remnant of the cancer.  I had gone through surgery but the reports indicated that it had not been fully removed.  A second surgery was planned and about 2 weeks before the surgery this experience took place and when the PTH and calcium levels were checked they had gone from well above normal to the low side of the normal.  The doctor said, “This does not happen medically.”  He then said, “I think we know who did this.”  We proceeded with the second surgery to repair some things and check everything and from that day to this all has been normal.  Each Christmas I remember the rich blessing of life that God has given me and I give Him all the praise.

I offer this poem as my gift and pray that God grant you a most joyous Christmas.  As I bid you adieu for the day I depart shouting – –  M E R R Y   C H R I S T M A S ! ! !



Twilight and Midnight Christmas


When we are young and life is like a flowering tree

We think only of the moment, what’s in it for me?

Christmas is a time of anticipation

Youthful joy and full of expectation.

What will we get? What can we do?

It’s all about me and little about you.


Then in our teens, those rebellious years

We bring to our parents exquisite joy and rivers of tears.

Christmas is a time of anticipation

Youthful joy and full of expectation.

Why can’t I go off with my friends and see

What this world can offer me?


Then as young adults with children of our own

We are now parents and the worry to us belongs.

Christmas is a time of our children’s anticipation

Waiting to see if we fulfilled their every expectation.

If you fail, this will you hear, “But I wanted the latest and hottest fad

I didn’t get it now I am mad.”


Then come the twilight years

You are alone to face all your fears.

Children and grandchildren grown with families of their own.

It’s Christmas and you are alone,

Forgotten it seems with no one to share

Life’s little joys for no one does care.


Remember this in your Christmas of twilight

As you near your journey’s end which some call darkness and night.

It’s not the specific day that make is so dear

It’s not even the time of the year.

It’s that you have set one day aside

To celebrate Christmas and in Him abide.

© Roy Beaird – 2005


May your celebration be joyous!  MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!