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2 Timothy 3:16-17 – “All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, 17 that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work.”  NKJV

             The Bible is timeless!  We know that hieroglyphics, as deciphered by scientist, date back to Moses’ day and in the Bible there is frequent mention of the Hittites, Amorites and Canaanites all whom the Bible declare lived in the day of Moses.  There have been some scientist who scoffed at the names of those nations and called them fictitious but then archaeology shattered their resistance.  In fact, some of the tablets referred to the “Habiri” and it is known that the word means “Hebrews”.  The tablets referred to southern Palestine and made mention of the Hittites and other nations.  These historic tablets are called the “Tel El Amarna”.

The Bible is the infallibly inspired revelation of God concerning Himself and His creation.  If you recall the record of Moses’ life you will remember that he was schooled 40 years in Egyptian philosophy.  How is it that the sciences he wrote of never incorporated any of the now discredited Egyptian superstitions?  In Moses’ day people taught that a great man carried the Earth on his shoulders and when he sneezed an earthquake was produced.  Yet, the Bible declared over 3500 years ago that God “hung the Earth on nothing”.  That was scientific.  In Moses’ day the practice of medicine was little more than a gathering of superstitions including the boiling of toads and demon incantations.  How is it that Moses, schooled in these superstitions never included them in his writings?  His directives concerning handling of infectious disease was centuries ahead of its time.  Today, we know through the study of bacteriology, that many diseases are caused by minute organisms called “bacteria” or “germs”.  Prevention of these diseases is through isolation or quarantine.  The Bible taught this 3500 years ago!

When surgeons prepare for an operation they carefully wash their hands with “running water”.  If he used a basin or sink, the very moment he touched the water his hands would be contaminated.  Moses knew that over 3500 years ago!  Read Leviticus 15 for more detail on this truth.  Some attempt to defend the Bible but I always say, “It needs no defense.”  The Bible historically, morally and scientifically can and does stand on its own record.

No wonder our founding fathers wanted the Bible taught in public schools.  The Bible provides incredibly pertinent and accurate information not just about sin and salvation but every dimension and aspect of life.  Thus back to my assertion that “true science” always agrees with Scripture.  The Ten Commandments are still the standard of justice today.  Our laws can be traced to them and it was Moses who first laid down the right of a fair trial for the individual.  No accusation was received except upon the testimony of two or three witnesses.  Not only did Moses give us the foundation for civil law, science, medicine and morality he gave us incredible information regarding horticulture.  He taught “selective breeding” and the “careful pollination” of plants.  (Deuteronomy 2:9 and Leviticus 19:19).  Moses also gave guidance for controlling pests.  Some of the pests farmers contend have a life cycle of one year.  There are some that have a life cycle of seven years and one at least seventeen years.  Moses, under the inspiration of the Spirit of God instructed Israel to set aside the fields ONE YEAR IN SEVEN.  No crops were to be raised on the land in that year.  Today we have a weak copy of that system in crop rotation.

The Bible addressed industry and morals and the ramifications of flaws in human behavior.  The Israelites were forbidden to mix linen and wool.  Why?  The scientific answer is linen and wool have different degrees of shrinkage.  The reason for the prohibition of women wearing men’s clothing was God’s desire to have a visible distinction between the sexes.  You can argue, that a woman is noticeable even in men’s clothing and I do not totally disagree.  God designed man to be the toiler and the woman the home builder.  I know today we have moved far from that and some will take offense but I still believe that greatest asset any home, church, community or nation can have is mothers in the home.   Modesty has always been a part of the Bible and that goes for both men and women.

The Bible covers every facet of life and is profitable.  The benefit from its truths is only realized by those who believe it and obey it.   God bless you as you go through this day!