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Habakkuk 1:5 – “…For I will work a work in your days which you would not believe, though it were told you.”  NKJV


In my years of following Christ and being in Christian ministry I have encountered and experienced some amazing things and people.   I would venture to say that regardless of the denomination, sect, faction or group in Christendom there is a certain amount of closed-mindedness to be found.  I can hear the protests as those words were read but I stand by my assertion based on experience and the ideological wars fought by varying groups in the Body of Christ.

I know some who believe declare they are “full gospel” and that term implies to others not of them fall short in doctrinal correctness.  I have known some that declare they are the “word of faith” and by implication that suggests that those not of them are short in faith.  I know some that declare they are “the church of…” fill in the blank and the implication is that anyone not of them are, at best, second class Christians if Christians at all.  There are probably as many variations of doctrine as there are churches and within those churches the varying beliefs is nothing short of amazing.

I have had discussions with some who believe that miracles cannot happen today because we have the Bible and no longer need miracles to build the church as the early church did.  First, without getting into a hair-splitting contest, I must ask one simple question.  “Is God God?”  The Bible says he is the same yesterday, today and forever does it not?   Most Christians will acknowledge that God “could” work miracles but many believe He no longer does.  Again, not wanting to get into a debate over miracles but to focus on something larger I press on.

In Habakkuk the Lord, through the prophet, declared that He would work a work in their day that even if someone told them about it they would not believe it.  Why?  Because they had a preconceived notion of how things were, should be and would be.  In Acts 13, Paul was in Antioch and went to Synagogue.  After the customary reading of Scripture the leaders of the Synagogue gave opportunity for anyone to speak.  Paul seized the opportunity and presented Jesus to them.  In his presentation he brought them face to face with their rigidity of doctrine and quoted Habakkuk.  This caused some of the Jews to hate him and the Gentiles to beg for more teaching and explanation.

God does not always work according to our preconceived notion of how we think He should or what we think should transpire.  He does not seem to have any particular interest in our private or sectarian narrative but desires TRUTH.   Just because I have not seen it or it does not fit my neat arrangement of doctrinal presentations does not mean it is IMPOSSIBLE.   After all, does not the Bible declare, “Nothing is Impossible with God?”  Before you relegate something to yesteryear remember we are serving a God who can, does and will.

Bring your wind of revival to us Oh Lord!  Bring your refreshing today!   God bless you as you go through this day in Him care and keeping!

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