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2 Timothy 3:16-17 – “All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, 17 that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work.”  NKJV


I continue to be amazed even after all these years that there are those who stand in the pulpit and sit in the pews in churches who discount the veracity, validity and completeness of the Bible.  I confess, if I did not believe the Bible was the Inspired Word of God I would have difficulty believing it at all.  If I believed that it was inconsistent, erroneous, and mythical I would have difficulty believing the message of the Cross and would have serious doubts about heaven and hell.  But, I do believe the Bible is THE WORD OF GOD not simply CONTAINS SOME OF THE WORDS OF GOD.  I believe it to be the written revelation of His person, purpose, and plan for man. 

Therefore, I am completely comfortable accepting the declaration of the apostle Paul to His son in the faith Timothy in this text.  I ask you to consider with me the high points of Paul’s assertion and instruction.


If I do not believe that statement then the remainder of Paul’s instruction and counsel are null and void.  The Bible is not a good book of history, poetry, literature, or mythology it is GOD’S WORD written and preserved for mankind to be our guide in life.  That, to me, makes it invaluable and a source of reading and study that should be a significant part of our lives.  I believe that the Bible (Scripture) is God-breathed.


Through the Bible, we have the basis for our beliefs and it is valuable for teaching us how to live, relate to one another as well as to God, and provides us insight into the character, nature, attributes, and purposes of God.  It is our source of inspiration and hope.


The word used here is found only here and indicates that this is focusing on conviction (of a sinner), punishment, and refutation of error.  Thus, we have the word reproof.  It is a strong word and the Bible is the basis for this action and must be taken in light of the consistent teaching of the Bible, especially the New Testament as a disciplinary guide.

  • ALL SCRIPTURE is PROFITABLE for Correction.

This is a compound word which means to straighten up again, rectification or reformation.  It indicates that Scripture is the basis for guidance in life and when one’s life drifts off course it is the Bible that is the road map to returning to the right path.  Therefore, if we ignore or discount the Bible we lose that valuable application.

  • ALL SCRIPTURE is PROFITABLE for Instruction.

This speaks of tutoring, education, training, and by implication disciplinary correction.  It is our source for learning those vital truths needed for life.  No wonder our founding fathers considered it vital to have the Bible taught in public school.

All this is with the ULTIMATE OBJECTIVE of bringing the individual to completeness in Christ and be prepared and equipped for every assignment set before them in life.  This is true not only for ministers but for every individual.  THE BIBLE IS ESSENTIAL, not OPTIONAL in our development and growth spiritually.  Therefore, the TRUE VALUE is incredible and I would encourage everyone to renew their interest in and examination of the gold mine of truth that is THE BIBLE.

            God bless you as you continue your journey through life in Christ!

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