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1 Thessalonians 5:23 – “Now may the God of peace Himself sanctify you completely; and may your whole spirit, soul, and body be preserved blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.”  NKJV

Matthew 16:26 – “For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?”  NKJV


The Church was never intended, by God, to simply be a “soul hospital” or a “spiritual spa.”  It was designed to be a place for the soul to be developed to its fullest potential, not simply a place to doctor wounds.  The design and desire of God for His Church was that we become “conformed to the Image of Christ.”  He seeks the development of lives not just doctoring wounds.  Therefore, if we are to be all we can be in Him, great care must be given to our souls (inner man).  Any potential we have must be nurtured and developed if it is to become an actual ability and a productive demonstration of our gifts and abilities.

Let me illustrate it this way:  A newborn baby has the capacity to interrelate with the physical world through the senses of hearing.  However, that capacity has to be developed, over time, for that baby to understand what it hears.  In reality, every living thing requires specific and special care for it to develop and remain healthy.  Thus, the care of the INNER MAN requires special things that we do to cooperate with God, to enable us to realize our FULL POTENTIAL.

Too often, we face a character crisis in our development.  Success is not “nickels and noses” and if that is our view it only leads to frustration.  Many in the Body of Christ are terribly dissatisfied with their religious experience and could easily say to God, as one preacher, “Dear God. I believe in you and the Lord Jesus Christ, but if there is not any more to this than I’ve discovered thus far, I’m quitting at the end of the year.”  That is tragic but the state of some.  Before you say, “Well, they were never really saved,” consider the diet they have received and the mindset of far too many in our present world.  Maybe, just maybe they have not been properly nurtured.

I have encountered scores of people who are FRUSTRATED spiritually.  Frustrated on the inside.  They are not deliberately hypocrites.  In fact, many of them are determined not be hypocritical, but they do not know how to change, develop, and grow spiritually.  Christianity, to them, is a constant struggle and they hate wearing a mask of piousness when they know in their heart they are not.   They are struggling on the inside and want more.

Let me shock you by asking, “How many truly triumphant Christians do you know?”  I realize that for most of you, that may seem like a foolish question but think about this.  One Denominational paper stated that they could not find 1/3 of their members, another 1/3 never attended any services.  This Denomination has proclaimed that it is the largest in the United States and would win the world in this generation.  Another Denomination gave a report on the spiritual health of their clergy and reported that they had as many as 3 ministers quitting the ministry daily, pastoral firings had dramatically escalated, conflict among staff members was at an all-time high and the brevity of the time ministers continued with one congregation was at an all-time low.  THAT IS DISTURBING.

It is frightening when I consider the number of ministers who have fallen into sexual sins and other moral shortcomings.   I am not talking about what might happen, I am talking about what I have witnessed.  How many people naming the name of Christ are frustrated, fatigued, and falling away?  It is a real issue.  Too often, we seek formulas and miss the essentials.  The essential is a genuine relationship with Jesus!  Real Christianity is not a formula, but something that works for anyone, anywhere, anytime, and all the time.  There is to be, according to the Bible, a “falling away,” and we are witnessing it in our generation.  If we do nothing else, we should run to our prayer closets and pray for fellow believers as well as our own spiritual condition.  The enemy would like nothing better than to shipwreck our walk with the LORD.  God has provided that we can walk in victory and live victoriously.

I must pause here but I want to come back to the title question, “How Much Is Your Soul Worth?”   How much is it worth to you and how much is it worth to God?   So with that, I will tap the brakes and put everything on hold until next time!  

            God bless you as you embark on this day’s new journey into His Greatness and Glory!

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