Psalm 56:3 – “Whenever I am afraid, I will trust in You.”  NKJV

Isaiah 12:2 – “Behold, God is my salvation, I will trust and not be afraid; ‘For YAH, the LORD, is my strength and song; He also has become my salvation.'”  NKJV


In these two passages, we have the words of David and the words of Isaiah and they reflect two different conditions and perspectives at a particular time in their lives.  Both of these passages address “fear” and “trust”.  It is good that David could say, “In the time I am afraid, I will trust…”  But, I would suggest that the perspective from which Isaiah spoke is a superior one when he says, “I will trust and not be afraid…”  I do not mean to diminish the faith or commitment of either of those men but simply seek to point out that there is the good and then the better in our faith relationship with God.  Charles Spurgeon said, “All who get on board heaven’s train will arrive in heaven, but those who follow the mindset from which David spoke will ride ‘third class’, while those who follow Isaiah will ride ‘first class.'”  Again, not to diminish the faith or commitment of either but to point out the difference in perspective.

TRUST is not and will never be a product of ‘fear’; it is a preventative of ‘fear’.  I recall some years ago hearing an illustration that has benefited me numerous times in seasons of difficulty.  There was a commercial airliner flying in a violent storm.  The passengers were beginning to panic and even the flight attendants were reaching for the air bags.  The passengers were in a state of panic and terror.  Some were crying, some cursing and a few were praying.  Everyone was in a state of total disarray except one lady in 1st Class.  Someone noticed she was unmoved by the storm and asked WHY?  She calmly replied, “My husband is the pilot and he is well qualified to get us to the airport safely.”  SHE TRUSTED!  Another story I have often related is one reportedly about Stonewall Jackson and his sister-in-law who were crossing the river below the Niagara Falls and his sister-in-law in somewhat of a fit of panic began to question the boatswain and finally Stonewall took her by the arm and said, “Unless you feel you are better qualified than the boatswain to ferry us across the river, sit down, be quiet and TRUST HIM.”

Webster’s Dictionary defines TRUST – – Assured reliance on the character, strength, or truth of someone or something and lists confidence and dependence as synonyms.  Isaiah was saying, “I will have assured reliance on the character, strength, and truth of the Almighty God and therefore will not be afraid.”  FAITH, in the general usage of scripture, is “Trusting in God’s Testimony.”  It is receiving all that God has revealed to us and resting in that revelation.

Let me give you something to muse on.  FAITH is not an Old Testament word.  It is used only twice in the Old Testament but TRUST is used over 140 times and yet Hebrews 11 credits many of the Old Testament characters with having faith and powerful faith.  But, the Old Testament does not speak of their faith but their trust.  Therefore, we understand that they were men and women who exhibited COMPLETE RELIANCE upon God and that affected their attitudes as well as their actions in life.  That is a powerful revelation we all need to grasp for it can be liberating.

Someone said to me once, “God said it so that makes it true.”  I said, “No, God said it because it is true.”  I am not trying to split hairs but I believe there is a difference and when we realize that what God says is true because it is true we can TOTALLY TRUST what He says.  We must develop an unrelenting confidence in the person, character, nature, power, and promises of God.  TRUST is the thing that we need to propel us to the realm of faith that moves mountains.

I want to address more on the matter of TRUST but will pause here and pick up next time considering five separate words translated trust and hope to inspire confidence in each of our hearts.

            God bless you richly as you venture forward into the unknown of this day!

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