Genesis 1:1 – “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”  NKJV


             Many people have questions and even doubts about how all that we see began and yet cling to a hope of an eternal heaven.  I find that a bit problematic on one hand and understandable on another.  I don’t know HOW God did what He did I simply believe and accept that HE DID.  I can understand the questions and debates as to the age of the earth based on interpretations of Genesis and scientific explanation and biblical possibilities.  I understand the concern and questions sometimes resulting from reading the ensuing verses in Genesis’ first few chapters but the bottom line, for me is I BELIEVE GOD DID IT.  He Created the heavens and the earth.  Without that, as my foundation, I have no basis for believing in an Eternal Heaven and Eternal Life.  That is my personal view, yours may differ.

I know in solving problems in life that beginning with a wrong or false premise will not produce a right result.  Oh, admittedly, we may change course in the middle of the stream and modify our initial presupposition and ultimate come to a right conclusion in many things.  However, in matters of God and the spiritual if we do not or cannot believe God’s first declaration as recorded in the first verse of the first chapter of the first book of the Bible how can we trust Him elsewhere?  How can I have faith and confidence in a person or being that presents a flawed or false premise or foundational basis?  How can I have confidence that God’s Word is Infallible, Inspired, and One who does not Fail if I question the beginning?  How can I trust the many declarations of the LORD regarding our Hope and Future, if I cannot believe His first declaration about the origin of it all?

It is impossible for me not to believe that what we see in the universe was the result of CREATION.  The almost incalculable number of required happenings for it to have just happened or evolved from nothingness to what we see would require more faith than I can muster in resting my faith in CHANCE.  I could rather believe that the book “Pilgrims Progress” was the result of John Bunyan securing a railroad car full of printer’s type and taking a shovel tossing those tiles into the air and them falling perfectly into alignment and arrangement producing the novel.  That would be beyond ludicrous and, for me, so is believing the human body simply evolved or the universe that is held perfectly in place somehow just happened with not thought or design.  That may cause someone to view me as Karl Marx viewed Christians and believe that my faith is simply the result of my religious opiate.  I BELIEVE GOD!

There are many things about God, creation, and life that I find impossible to explain but when I view the universe and the intricate and detailed systematic arrangement and function I BELIEVE.  When I view and examine the scientific and medical detailing of the incredibleness of the human body, the operation of the organs, the flow of blood, and so much more I find it impossible to believe that we are the result of some single-celled organism that crawled out of the sea, grew legs, and became a humans  No, when I review what is known about the human body and its function I BELIEVE.  When I reflect back on my personal experience on that eventful night at my sister’s kitchen table in Palestine, Texas and how my life was totally transformed I BELIEVE.  I refuse to allow the questions I cannot answer shipwreck my faith for I have enough evidence in nature, the universe, the Bible, Science, and experience to solidify my faith that IN THE BEGINNING GOD.

I pray that the LORD will help you move beyond the often unanswerable questions and anchor your hope and confidence in the truth of Genesis 1:1 that “IN THE BEGINNING GOD…”  May you walk in His grace, enjoy His peace, experience His fullness and faithfulness and receive his forgiveness.   God bless you richly as you embark on today’s leg of life’s journey!

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