Today is the day we celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Whether it is the actual day which He was born is not what is most important.  The more important is the WHAT and WHY we celebrate this day.  In our celebration we are recognizing that God in His incredible love cared enough for mankind that the He was willing for Jesus to come to earth, born of a woman and live among men.  This Jesus would not only have a miraculous birth where the seed of God would be implanted in a virgin maiden and the immaculate conception would transpire and that child would grow to be a man, live a sinless life, and offer Himself a ransom for ‘whosoever will come’ in repentance and faith and receive the forgiveness of sin.

Christmas is the Greatest Gift.  It was the gift of incredible love, given by God to mankind.  The gift we should offer in return is our lives our entire being to Him.  He gave us Hope of Life, what greater gift could be given to human beings than Forgiveness of Sin, Eternal Life, and Fellowship with our Creator?  Today, we celebrate Christmas and through the years I have had children and adults ask me about Christmas and the most frequently asked question is probably, “When Will It Be Christmas?”  With that thought in mind, I wrote the following and now share it with you.  As you read I trust the Holy Spirit will quicken the meaning of Christmas to your heart and cause the Love of God to well up within your being and you discover not only WHEN but WHAT and WHY Christmas.   MERRY CHRISTMAS!




When it be, Christmas asked the little boy

As he longed for that wished-for toy.

The anticipation for a child can be quite the trial

I remember my children’s anticipation with a joyous smile.

Their little hearts so eager to see

What might be under the Christmas tree!


Some years ago, a discussion I shall never forget

Those around the table offered lament and regret.

Christmas, to them, was not a time of glee

It was a time from which they wanted to flee.

The hustle, the bustle, the push, and the shove

Christmas, to them, was anything but the Season of love.


One laughed and said can we postpone Christmas this year?

My kids are asking, when will Christmas be here?

She said I hate this Season more than the rest

My patience, are severely put to the test.

This is not what Christmas was as a child,

And a tear ran down her cheek as wearily she smiled.


When will it be Christmas you might inquire?

When will we experience that, which will inspire?

The question of when is valid as an end

But what and why must be where we begin.

What is Christmas and Why?

The beginning of wisdom is my cry.


In the What we understand it was the Messiah’s birth.

When the Son of God would become man on the earth.

In the Why, I discover God’s love for me

Jesus was born to live and die so I could be free.

What speaks of the event of his birth and the why of His love?

Transforming, redeeming Grace from above.


As I discover the What of Christmas I see

A savior born who would rescue me.

As I discover the Why of Christmas I realize

The gift of love, that heavenly prize.

When is it Christmas, if you ask me

It is when from the shackles of sin, we are free.


When is it Christmas one might inquire?

It is when love ignites an inside fire.

When is it Christmas you might request?

It is when love is put to the test.

When is it Christmas for you and me?

Every day of the year when in our lives, Jesus we see.

© Roy Beaird –  2016

It is my prayer and desire that this day and every day of the year you experience Christmas in your heart and demonstrate Christmas to others.  Let the Love Light Shine brightly in your life as we conclude the year 2016 and embark on the journey that 2017 brings with its problems, promises, and possibilities.

God, bless you richly is my prayer and MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone!

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