The Gospel Song, “Who Am I?” comes to mind as I reflect on this day and what the Holy Spirit is saying to us today.  Who are we?  I am confident that when we truly discover WHO we are we will be able to BECOME that person in life and impact our world.  There is a myriad of verses in the Bible that identify who we are in Christ Jesus and it is only through Him that we can truly fulfill our mission, assignment, and purpose in life.

Back in 1995 I was sitting alone meditating on life and the things of God I wrote the following little poem and I want to share it with you, hoping it will encourage your heart and help you know the value of your life and every life.

God, bless you and may your life be rich, full, and free in Christ Jesus!

MISTER, Are You Somebody?

As I was walking through a busy Airport one day

In quite a hurry to get on my way

I felt a tug at my sleeve

And saw a sight that I could not believe.

A dirty tattered young lad

He was still sobbing, obviously, sad.

He looked up at me, with eyes full of fear

And mumbled these words as he brushed back a tear.

They told me somebody would help me today

And they pointed for me to come this way.

Mister, you’re the only person I see

Tell me, are you, somebody?

Today, I think back on that and grin

But it wasn’t that way back then.

Disheveled and alone was this small lad

He had no mother, he had no dad.

An outcast, nobody wanted to claim

He wasn’t even sure of his name.

Hungry, heartbroken, and shaking with fright

Etched on my memory, forever that sight.

I took him by his soiled, little hand

And led him over to the nearest refreshment stand.

Let’s get you something to eat

I said while ushering him to a seat.

As I heard this lad’s awful plight

And I gazed upon that pitiful sight

I knew that my flight I’d have to delay

For with this child, I would surely stay.

He was barely eight years old

And the night was ever so cold.

It was morning before the authorities came

Soon they found out his name.

They called an uncle who responded with joy

He now has custody of that frightened little boy.

Exhausted I now caught my flight

And the airport slowly disappeared from sight.

The Lord, caused me to recall

A man in the Bible, who on hard times did fall.

Somebody came to his aide

And for his care lovingly paid.

I guess the answer to the question, he asked of me

Is Yes, in Christ, I am Somebody!

© 1995 Roy Beaird

As you embark on today’s leg of life’s journey I pray that you will realize not just Who you are but Whose you are.  May the Life of God powerfully flood your heart and mind and enable you to be a walking manifestation of the Lord Jesus Christ and His Love!

Abundant Blessings is my prayer!


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