Text:  Psalm 62:1-8; Isaiah 40:31

We are talking about patience and how difficult it is for us to wait.  Let me offer something I believe can be encouraging found in Psalm 62.  We find a simple outline to guide our thinking with regard to “Victorious Waiting”.  The truth is that we do not need lengthy teaching on the art of waiting, we need long practice times of waiting!  Most of us know about waiting, what we need to do is WAIT.  Consider the help with me if you will.

Psalm 62:1 – “My soul waits in silence for God only.”  The literal Hebrew reads almost backward from the English translation.  It reads: “Only for God in silence does my soul wait.”  The word translated SILENCE comes from the Hebrew verb meaning “to whisper softly.”  It is the idea of whispering a secret to someone you love but not loud enough for anyone else to hear.  In this case, it is only for God to hear.  The word “ONLY” appears six times in this Psalm and I believe that tells us that for David, there is no one else but the LORD.  I ask that you consider the following:


“My soul waits in silence for God only.”  Do not run ahead – WAIT.  A red light means WAIT and watch carefully.  You cannot run and wait at the same time.  The ability and strength to run spiritually comes after and through waiting.  I suggest you call to remembrance the story in the Old Testament where Joab called Cushi and told him to run to King David with the news about Absalom.  Ahimaz begged to run, but he had no message.  God instructed Moses while standing at the Red Sea with the armies of Egypt hot on their trails to STAND STILL & SEE THE SALVATION OF GOD!

Verse one is David’s declaration and verse five is his command: “My soul, wait in silence for God only.”  It is well to note that David was talking to himself. He was directing his will.  He was instructing his inner man to “Wait for God to direct his steps.”  That is not easy when we are anxious to run.  Jesus said, “My sheep hear my voice and know Me.”  We need to learn to hear and know the voice of the Spirit of God.


“From Him is my salvation.”  This is a continuation of verse one.  In verse two we read, “He only is my Rock.”  This directive is simple.  We are to WAIT ON HIM.  We are to TRUST HIM to provide for our needs.  The only question is “How Are or How Do We Do That?”

I believe that if you have been around Church for any length of time you have heard the instruction, “Wait for God.”  I can teach, but I cannot learn you anything.  God has to help you LEARN and that frequently requires WAITING.  Some things are only learned through experience.  Consider God’s Record – HE WILL NOT FAIL.  He is El-Shaddai, the God of plenty and the God who NEVER FAILS.  We can and must trust Him and He will, in due season, come through.  We cannot afford to become impatient or faint in the process.  When we wait on God to direct our steps – HE DOES.  When we trust God to meet our needs – HE WILL.


“My soul waits in silence” (v.1).  “My soul, wait in silence.” (v.5).  The songwriter said: “Speak, Lord, in the stillness, while I wait on thee; Hushed my heart to listen, in expectancy.”

I have found that some of my best prayer times are virtually Wordless Times.  Those are times when I stop speaking, close my eyes, and meditate upon what I have been reading or saying, and LISTEN deep inside.  I listen deeply.  I listen for reproof and guidance.  I LISTEN FOR HIM and TO HIM!  It is here that the Holy Spirit takes over and directs our hearts.  It is here that the Holy Spirit gives directions.  It would be good for each of us to take time and read Revelation 2:1-7.  It is a letter that the Lord Jesus dictated to the Church at Ephesus.  On the surface, everything appeared to be wonderful, but something was missing!  Something went wrong!  They had left their first love! They were orthodox and predictable, solid to the core, standing staunchly for truth, BUT, they had lost the fire of their first love.

This was so significant that Jesus informed them that UNLESS they returned He would remove their lampstand from its place and take their light away.  They would be nothing more than an empty shell with a sign out front but no life inside.

I want to address this a bit more so we will pause here and pick up next time and look further at the encouragement and guidance found in this Psalm.  God, bless you and guide you as you take the next step in your journey in Him.

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