Matthew 6

Over the past two days, we have addressed some things from this powerful chapter in the Bible and considered some of the warnings and instructions of our LORD for our daily and godly living.  I want to continue that a bit because there are some additional things here that I believe particularly and that hopefully will resonate with your hearts.

Something that is talked about little and practiced even less in the 21st-century church is Fasting.  In studying the Bible I am amazed at how many times the light will come on and I realize that a particular passage is directly linked to another passage that seems completely void of connection. That is the case in Matthew 6:15-24 and I will try to connect the dots as the Holy Spirit enables me.  If it resonates with you I encourage you to act as a good Berean and seek to verify my teaching in its scriptural consistency and validity.  If you find it is in harmony with the overall teaching of God’s Word, then allow it to benefit your life and your walk.

The instruction of the LORD, regarding Fasting was ‘outward show’.  Again, that is consistent with verse one and remains consistent throughout the teaching of our LORD in the New Testament.  Fasting is not for personal recognition but for the purpose of bringing our hearts into alignment with God’s will and purpose.  It is, often, more about our hearts than anything else and is not for public recognition that would be how the Pharisees did it.  Don’t look like death warmed over and have a sour expression of suffering on your face when you fast.  NO, NO, wash your face, put on your smile and do it in secret before God and He will take note of that fast and the desired objective is far more like to be achieved.

I urge you to take note that the next few verses, although seemingly unrelated, are deeply related.  In your prayer, living, giving, and being you are ‘storing up treasures’.  If you do what you do for the purpose of human recognition you are ‘storing up treasures on earth’ but if you do it God’s prescribed way you are ‘storing up treasures in heaven’.  On earth, the moths can eat away at the treasure as public opinion changes and thieves can break in and steal as the enemy brings dissatisfaction or seeks to discredit you. But if your treasures are being stored up in heaven, MAN CANNOT TOUCH THEM and NEITHER CAN THE DEVIL.  Consider the word of our LORD, “for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”  It is a heart matter!

Then, we find that difficult passage about the ‘eyes’ or what we see, how we see, and where we see.  If we are looking for the recognition of men our lives will be lived in the shadows and in darkness dependent on public opinion.  If we live according to God’s prescribed method then we are in the light and our entire being will be filled with light.  We will impact others and the abundance of God’s blessings will flow freely into and through our lives.

Jesus concludes those remarks with a powerful word that should be received as being far more than MONEY.  In verse 24 He says, “No one can serve two masters…”  You cannot serve public opinion and God.  You cannot be controlled by human ego but must be directed by the Holy Spirit and live your life to please God because you love God.  We cannot serve two masters for, as our LORD warned, we will love one and despise the other.  We will be devoted to one or the other.  We cannot serve God and the flesh at the same time.   It would be like trying to mix oil and water.  Of course, this passage is talking about money, possessions, and wealth but it is talking about much much more!

That is why we have verses 25-34 and if we connect them to the teachings of Matthew Six, as a whole, we will find them even more powerful in the impact and importance in our lives. They will give us an even greater sense of peace and purpose in our daily walk.  You have nothing to worry about because your source is not public opinion but GOD.  If we understand how He cares for His creation, then we have incredible peace about His ability and willingness to care for us.  Let’s set our hearts to make Matthew 6:33 a cornerstone in our lives and SEEK HIM FIRST and in so doing we will banish fear from our lives.

God, bless you richly is my prayer!

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