Joshua 1:1-9

Back to the question of yesterday and that of my title, Can We?  Let me ask you to walk through a few pictures in Scripture as we negotiate our way through this question. I will offer a Scriptural Picture and Truth and then ask the question, “Here or Heaven?”

John 14:12 – – The Works of Jesus and Greater Works.  Here or Heaven?

Isaiah 61 – – This is clearly incredibly anointed minister, authority, and power.  Here or Heaven?

Mark 16 – – This is addressed to Every Believer.  Here or Heaven?

2 Corinthians 10 – – Spiritual Warfare and Weapons.  Here or Heaven?

1 John 4:17 – “As He is, so are we…”  Here or Heaven?  (The passage says, IN THIS WORLD).

1 John 4:4 – – If we are IN Him, and overcome the enemy.   Here or heaven?

Those are only a few of the myriad of scripture passages that identify a tremendous truth the Church needs to grasp and walk in in today’s world.  Let me identify the Kingdom of God in very simplistic terms, “It is the Rule of God.”  Therefore, I believe that God’s Rule is present in our lives and in this world and as members of His Body we can expect to enjoy Victory now not just hope for Victory someday, someway in that eternal world of Heaven.  The question is, “Are we enjoying it now?”  How much and if not why not?

I believe there are several reasons people do not enjoy Total Victory now.  Among those is a lack of information, revelation, or knowledge.  Each of those can and will prevent a person from entering into that place of victory God desires and has designed.  A simple fact is that what people do not know they can have they will not have.  Another reason is unbelief or disbelief for the Bible tells us that ‘without faith, it is impossible to please God’ and that ‘with faith, all things are possible to those who believe.’  Another that I won’t delve into very deeply here is we are out of Divine Order.  But, the most imposing question is, “Is this for us today?”  Can we expect the Promises of Jesus, the Covenant of Abraham, and the many Promises of the Bible to be fulfilled in us personally today?  I believe the answer is YES, but only if grasp the possibility that Canaan is a Type of Victorious Life Here not simply a Picture of Future Heaven.

Let’s go to the source for understanding and begin in Book of Joshua.  This Book gives a beautiful picture and understanding in this matter and makes it clear if we can receive it.  We must move beyond tradition and preconceived ideas but if we can move past that we will see a light of hope that will liberate and empower.  If we give only a casual reading of the Book of Joshua, using only the natural mind and reason we will miss the insight that can be mined from its pages.  This is a Story of Warfare, Possession, and Occupation.  Why is that important to our discussion?  It is a Picture or a Type and Shadow pointing to a Biblical Truth.  It points to something.  Israel is in bondage in Egypt and their bondage in Egypt is a type of what?  SIN.  God, through Moses, delivered them from bondage to take them into their inheritance – Canaan, the Place of Promise. 

I believe that is where we have often veered off course, through our hymnology.  Many of our hymns identify Canaan as Heaven.  That sounds good and there is truth in it but it is not the full picture and if we make it so we miss a powerful promise and truth.  If we follow that view it can and does place us in a place of limited victory and robs us of the fullness of God’s Promises in the Here and Now.

Let’s consider some types and shadows to help us in this consideration:  Egypt is a type of the world and sin.  Passover is a type of the Blood Sacrifice and Salvation.  So far, we are secure in our interpretation.  What about The Wilderness?  Most interpret it as a type of Life on Earth after Salvation and that would make Jordan natural death and Canaan, the Promised Land must naturally be a type of Heaven.  But, what if we are wrong in that interpretation?

Please forgive me but due to space and time I am going to pause here and next time we will review the typology and ask a few pertinent questions and come to the conclusion of the whole matter and you can agree, disagree, partially agree, or totally disagree.  That will be a decision you have to make in your heart.  My purpose is not controversy but victory.

God, bless you richly on this wonderful day in Jesus!



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