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Psalm 90:12 – “So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.” KJV

             In life, we are confronted with human mortality, and most people avoid discussing death like it was a plague.  It seems that, in the minds of some, if you don’t talk about it then it never becomes a reality.  WRONG!  In my years of life and Christian service, I have found that virtually everybody wants to live forever.  Even in the face or human mortality and the many other reminders, many still seem to believe they can procrastinate and have more than enough tomorrows to take care of the things they should be doing today.  Many are so consumed with their life, they demonstrate no genuine concern about getting things in right order because there is plenty of time to do all that later.  It is called Procrastination and it is dangerous if not deadly.

There are many Promises of God, revealed in His Word, that are seldom claimed or stood on.  I am convinced that too many, too often live beneath their privilege or place of promise in God.  When I talk about God’s Promises, from time to time, someone will tell me that I focus too much on them.  I confess I do spend a lot of time researching, reviewing, and meditating on the Promises of God for each Promise that becomes reality in our lives moves us one step nearer to being like Jesus and that means more spiritual power, more souls born into the kingdom, and more victory in our lives.  I consider that a worthwhile objective!

This Psalm is attributed to Moses and He was interceding to the Father to remove the curse that made it necessary for every Israelite over the age of twenty to die before they reached the Land of Promise, Canaan.  He states that most are dying by 70 and some reach 80.  If we could somehow take verse ten and make it a gauge to longevity it would produce an interesting possibility.  (NOTE: I do not believe that this passage is stating that we can only expect to live to the age of 70 or 80 and although this is a reference to Israel in the wilderness it has spiritual application for us today.).  If you took it literally and broke it down into 5-year segments, then 80 would produce 16 of those segments.  My question would then be, “How many do you have left to do that which you should do?”  Also, “How many have slipped away without you doing what you were called to do?” 

TIME is the greatest asset or enemy that we have.  Paul urges us to “redeem the time” due to the condition of the world and the assignment we have been given in life.  TIME is one thing that each of us must learn to use effectively if we are to accomplish our purpose and be effective in our walk and warfare spiritually.  Most of us are TIME WASTERS to some degree.  How much time do you waste?  If we are going to tap into the resources of God and find the ability and power, He has given us there are three things that must transpire.  Those three things include Attitude, Planning, and Action.  We may know WHAT to do but if we have a wrong attitude we will not plan nor prepare and in our unprepared state we will not proceed properly.

God always makes the man before He establishes the ministry.  The ministry will destroy the man or woman not prepared by God.  He deals with our hearts and teaches us not just His Word but His Ways.  He wants us to be one with Him not just have intellectual knowledge of His precepts.  He wants us to have a relationship with Him that is experiential as well as intellectual.  He wants to bring us to the Place of Promise and to do that He often leads us through the Wilderness where we are Transformed and develop Renewed minds so that we can, not only represent Him but manifest Him to the world.

I will offer the THREE THINGS that must transpire in Monday’s devotional but will pause for now.  Until then may the Lord be with you, bless you, keep you, guard you, and guide you in all things and at all times!


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