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Psalm 90:12 – “So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.” KJV

I mentioned that for us to fully become what God has Promised and enter into the fullness of His Purposes for our lives there are THREE THINGS that must transpire.  We alluded to them last time and now I invite you to join me in considering them and hopefully, they will resonate in your hearts and minds and benefit you in your spiritual progress.

  • PERCEPTION – You Must Perceive Who You Are.

WHO AM I is a question often asked by people in search for understanding,          enlightenment, and reality.  Who are you in light of God’s Word?  Initially, according to Romans 3:23 we are sinners in need of a savior.  But going back to the beginning we are a product of the infinite wisdom and plan of Almighty God, created in His Image and       Likeness (Genesis 1:26).  According to John 1:12, we are Sons and Daughters of God through repentance.  Romans 8;17 informs us that we are HEIRS OF GOD and             Galatians 3:29 tells us that we are Heirs according to the Promise.  The Bible declares that when we come to Him for cleansing we are cleansed, forgiven, born again, and transformed.  We are told in Hebrews that we have a Better Covenant established on     Better Promises and then read in Deuteronomy 28 the blessings and the Bible tells us that the Blessings of Abraham are ours through Christ. Therefore, in light of God’s Word, “Who Are You?”  If you have come to Him for cleansing and are walking in the light you are God’s Child and nothing can move or destroy you so long as you walk in Him!

WHERE ARE, YOU is the next question that must be asked.  Where are you spiritually?  What is your condition?  Are you stuck in the milk stage of spiritual development or are you progressing to a meat relationship?  We are sometimes like the little boy who fell out of bed. His father asked why and he said, “I guess it’s because I stayed to close to the edge.”  We need to move on from the foundational beginning things and into the depths and riches of God and His Word and Love.

WHERE ARE, YOU GOING is also a valid question and consideration.  What is your destination spiritually, eternally, and in this life?  What is the purpose, assignment, and/or calling upon your life?  It is important that we PERCEIVE Who we are, not by what we see but what God says!

  • PREPARATION – You Must Prepare to Get Where You Are Going.

          PREPARATION always precedes blessing and if we are going to prepare for our spiritual journey, labor, work, walk, and warfare we must KNOW the Promises and Provisions of God’s Word.  The Bible is a tool, a weapon, a light, and a resource that is invaluable in our sojourn on this earth.  We must also KNOW our Inheritance and as we discover His Promises and their application to our lives we prepare MENTALLY by studying the Word and absorbing as much of it as possible.  We prepare PHYSICALLY remembering that our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit and we need to be healthy and strong to accomplish many of the purposes of God.  We must prepare SPIRITUALLY through communion, commitment, consecration, and prayer.  It is by the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the direction of the Word of God that we are to travel this journey.  If we are anchored in Truth, we will be Free to make the journey!

  • PROCEED – We must not only Perceive and Prepare We must PROCEED.

Action is part of the process.  If we KNOW but do not DO our knowing becomes nothing more than brain fodder that has no redemptive benefit.  Once we understand, believe, and receive the truth that WE CAN DO ALL THINGS IN CHRIST because HE CAN DO ALL THINGS we are ready to BECOME that which He has declared us to be.  We have POTENTIAL that is far beyond our ability to reason and probably beyond our personal perception of who we are or can be.  What made Moses, Elijah, Paul, John, David, Peter, Daniel unique?  They were USABLE.  They were FULLY SURRENDERED and they were TEACHABLE.  They were quick to repent and sought God with a whole heart.  WHY CAN’T WE BE THAT PERSON?  We can through the HOLY SPIRIT.

          Why can’t we be OVERCOMERS?  God says we are in Christ so why can’t we walk out in this present world what He has declared of us.  Why can’t MIRACLES be a normal part of our lives?  They are included in the Promises of God and if Jesus does not change but is the same yesterday, today, and forever then WHY NOT?

Therefore, I ask, WHO ARE YOU?  You are a Child of the King if you have received Jesus as your savior. WHERE ARE, YOU GOING?  To the Place of Promise and the fulfillment of God’s Plan and Purpose for your life in this generation. THEN, Allow God to help you get there.  Remember the Bible says, “Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it.” 

It is time to make every day count for God and His Kingdom.  James said that life is a vapor, appearing for a short time then vanishing away.  Job said that man who is born of woman is of few days and full of troubles.  Jesus said that He came to give us ABUNDANT LIFE.  So, let’s stop wasting time and begin the process of BEING who and what God said we are and can be.  Become that Possibility God says is a Reality!

          Blessings abundantly are my prayer and desire!

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