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Psalm 121:1 – “I will lift up my eyes to the hills — From whence comes my help?”  NKJV

Knowing the Will of God is the beginning but that is not enough to provide the remedy for life’s problems, discouragement, or dissatisfaction.  We must move beyond KNOWING His will to the next step.


If you want to find peace, contentment, satisfaction, and a sense of fulfillment in life it is found in Doing the Will of God.  When you realize, you are special to Him, have a specific and special purpose in the Kingdom of God that brings an incredible sense of contentment and peace.  He has uniquely and is uniquely preparing you for that purpose.  That is awesome!

In Colossians, Paul addressed some specific things that transpire when we DO the Will of God.  One of the first is, we develop a “Worthy Walk.”  I had someone tell me that they had studied the walk of various athletes and professions and each has a unique and identifiable walk.  This person said that basketball players have a bounce in their walk whereas football players seem to devour the sidewalk.  This person insisted there are certain, identifiable mannerisms in other groups as well.  Athletes walk in a certain way, policemen have a unique walk, and postal carriers a totally different way.  I know that men in special forces can identify those who are brother in arms by their walk, mannerisms, and body language.  These mannerisms become part of who they are.  Have you ever noticed that some dogs strut?  They can’t do anything about it, it is who they are, part of their pedigree and in their DNA.  It is who they are.  Likewise, it is in our heritage as members of the family of God to carry distinguishing signs with us and when we are actively engaged in DOING THE WILL OF GOD we begin to develop a “Worthy Walk” that is noticeable and identifiable.

A second mark or identifier is we being to live “Fruitful Lives.”  Apple trees produce apples and orange trees produce oranges and that is how it will always be. Matthew 12:33 reminds us that a tree is known by its fruit.  I am convinced that once you have truly caught the passions and purpose of God’s Will for your life you will seize every opportunity to Glorify Him and as a result, will become a WITNESS and sharing His Redemptive Plan will be a joy.  It is important that we learn contentment and as the saying goes, “bloom where we are planted.”

A third mark is we will have an ever growing “Knowledge of God.”  Most Christians long for consistency in their walk with God.  It is too easy to blame the devil, a dead church, a cold uninspiring preacher, work, difficulties, or something for our inconsistency.  Yet, when we invest ourselves in the Word of God and meditate on that Word day and night we find that our lives become more consistent and we have fewer and fewer ups and downs.  Yes, we continue to face difficulties, trials, and tests but we are STEADFAST and UNMOVABLE in the Lord because we know Him and are invested in doing His will and purpose for our lives.  If we fail to give God adequate time in each day we will grow weak and become weary.  I am not going to attempt to legislate how much time you need to give Him, that is between you and He but if you give Him the scraps you will not be nourished and strong.  Habits are hard to break and take time, to develop.  It is reported that it takes 21 consecutive like experiences to form a habit.  When someone tells me that something is a habit I usually say, “Well you worked at it.”  If you want consistency you have to invest the time, effort, and energy in God and His Word and it will produce consistency in your life.

A fourth mark is you will develop “Spiritual Strength” and find “Spiritual Power” in a new measure that will be inspiring and encouraging.  I find it incredibly comforting to know that I do not have to rely on my strength, wisdom, knowledge, or ability but I can draw from His.  You are not alone!  You do not have to do this in your own power!  Remember the words of Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.”  Hallelujah!

A fifth mark is you will become “Steadfast” and increase in “Patience.”  One of the most encouraging stories in the Bible is that of Joseph.  He was treated in a terribly cruel manner by his brothers, sold into slavery, falsely accused, and forgotten.  However, because of his faithfulness, steadfastness, and loyalty to God, he was promoted in God’s purpose and became Prime Minister of Egypt.  He never forgot who he was and never denied what had happened to him but he recognized that it was God working in his life to bring him to God’s purpose and over time, God prepared him for service.  It is possible to be pressed into service too quickly and be destroyed by the position and responsibility.  But at the right time, God will promote each of us.

A sixth mark is you will develop a “Spirit of Thanksgiving” and demonstrate “Thankfulness.”  I have been told that many tribal languages do not have a word for “thankfulness.” Why?  Because thankfulness is a spiritual principle and a biblical principle.  I have observed that there has been a shift away from saying, “Please, Thank You, Yes Sir and No Sir.”  Adults often mutter, uh-huh under their breath and the children say nothing at all.  Paul warned of this spirit and time saying that in the last day’s people would become lovers of self, lovers of money, boastful, arrogant, revilers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, and unholy.  (2 Timothy 3:2) As we mature in God, discover who He is and pursue His purposes we become more and more thankful.

I want to address just a bit more on this subject so I will pause again and pick this up next time.  May the Lord richly bless you is my prayer and desire!