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Psalm 121:1 – “I will lift up my eyes to the hills — From whence comes my help?”  NKJV

Not only must we Discover the Will of God for our lives and Practice that Will of God there are other results moving us toward God’s Remedy for Life’s Problems.  There are factors that will speed up the process and bring us into the Presence of the King of Kings.


             I want to give you some points to ponder and things to consider implementing in your life that will help you move from any sense of dissatisfaction and help alleviate inconsistency in your spiritual life.  If they resonate with you, then you can seek the Lord to find ways to make them a part of your daily life.

One activity or action that will help propel you into God’s Remedy is to “Help Others.”  Become a servant of the Lord and in so doing you will serve people.  Every day, I see hurting people and opportunities to demonstrate Christian Charity and Love.  Children should look for ways to help their parents.  Men, if you see a lady standing, get up and give her your seat.  Husbands, never forget to compliment your wives and when you are being seated in a restaurant it would not hurt you to pull out her chair and open the car door for her or any door.  I don’t care what the modern idea is about equality, chivalry is not or does not have to be dead.  If you see someone needing help with loading groceries in the car, offer to help.  Little things might be the difference in life or death for someone spiritually.  Keep your eyes open to be a helping hand.  Remember you are a representative of Jesus!

Someone said we need to learn ‘GIGO.’  What is GIGO?  It is a buzz word used in times past in the world of technology and means, “Garbage In – Garbage Out” or GIGO.  A computer is limited to what is put in, it can only give what it has received.  That is true for us as well.  Remember what Peter said to the lame man at the gate?  “Such as I have I give…”  This applies to our minds as well, we are told to bring every thought captive to the obedience of Christ and encourage to pray that the Lord put a watch at our minds, eyes, ears, and mouths so that the words of our mouths and the meditation of our hearts are pleasing and acceptable in God’s sight.  The eyes are often described as the “windows of the soul.”  So, learn GIGO and avoid allowing garbage to enter.

Another activity or attitude I would suggest is to learn to “Act as If You Can.”  In every situation, it is vital that you study what is happening, what has been and is being said, how the other person or persons are acting and speaking.  You would not expect a cowboy to ride his bronc wearing a pinstripe suit and would not expect a stock broker to look like a TV wrestler.  Dress and act in the manner that is appropriate for the situation and need.  Present the image and attitude that You Can because YOU CAN.  You can through Jesus.  Also, if it is an area of expertise that you are unqualified for do not pretend to be something you are not but be who you are.

Another factor that I always encourage is “Work Hard” or be “Diligent in Your Efforts.”  People respect effort.  Sadly, some are trying to fight WWIII with Revolutionary War Weapons.  You need to work smart not just hard and that means being prepared and equipped for the task.  If you need more education go to school even if it is one class per semester.  If you need more hands-on training volunteer and learn from those mentoring and monitoring you.  Give it your best at all times and in all things.  If you do what needs to be done in the best way you can do it, reject any sense of frustration if it does not turn out like you hoped.  It may be that God is continuing your learning process in His training you for reigning in Him.

I want to address one more aspect of this but will pause here and ask the Lord to bless and keep you as you complete today’s journey.