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Exodus 35:21 – “Then everyone came whose heart was stirred, and everyone whose spirit was willing, and they brought the LORD’s offering for the work of the tabernacle of meeting, for all its service, and for the holy garments.”  NKJV


One of my pet peeves in Christian gatherings is what I have called “Auction Offerings” where the service is placed on temporary hold until enough people respond to the offering and the targeted amount is received.  I have watched people respond, not because they truly wanted to give but to move past the focus on finances.  Rather than having a “spirit that was willing” they had a “spirit that was coerced or bribed” and sadly, they did not receive God’s desired blessing for their contribution.

Israel was facing the need to build the Tabernacle in the Wilderness and God gave His instructions for what could only be called an elaborate facility.  When the need was presented to the people, their hearts were stirred and it does not say that everyone gave but everyone whose spirit was willing gave and gave abundantly.  Those of a willing heart brought offering after offering.  I am confident that as this spirit of giving began to sweep through the people some participated not because of a willing heart but out of a sense of obligation or duty and because of what others would think if they did not.  I’ve had preachers tell me, “I don’t care why they give so long as they give.”  I care because I understand the principle of God in giving and receiving and understand that God loves a cheerful giver and His blessing is in direct response to the heart, not the sum.  This continued for some time and the workers received all they needed to complete the task set before them but the people continued to give.  I wonder how many churches have experienced that problem?

Then in Chapter 36, we find an amazing declaration. In verse 5, the craftsmen came to Moses and said, “We have a problem.”  It is a problem that I don’t believe I have ever encountered in church.  They said, “The people bring much more than enough for the service of the work which the LORD commanded us to do.”  Then in verse 6, Moses made a decree that few pastors would give even if the offering far exceeded the need.  He instructed them to stop giving and later in verse 6 we read that “the people were restrained from giving…”   THAT IS AMAZING! 

I understand all the arguments for continuing to receive the offering and they are not invalid but if God directs for a specific project and the Spirit of God moves on the hearts of the people the need will be met.  Had Moses allowed the people to continue to give and created a stash of overage to fall back on in the future would have been an insult to God.  It would have indicated a lack of confidence in God to provide and a lack of trust that He would be Jehovah-Jireh to them.

You must understand that in their journey in the wilderness they were not giving out of their increase because they had no increase.  They were not earning more money or amassing a greater fortune.  They had what they left Egypt with and the spoils of Egypt was designed to be their nest egg for a new start in a new land.  THEY GAVE THEIR DREAMS in this offering.  You must see that.  They were so confident that God was their source and would provide they were willing to give that to which their dreams was connected.  But not only did they give of their possessions they gave and gave and gave UNTIL Moses and the elders had to say, NO MORE and restrain them.  They were beginning to grasp the Seed Principle and the Law of Sowing and Reaping.  But most of all they were stirred in their hearts and manifesting their TRUST, their FAITH, and their CONFIDENCE in God.  They were worshipping God in an act of faith!  That is Giving God’s Way.  Remember when Jesus sat in the Temple near the offering and watched?  People paraded by giving their large gifts and then the widow came and put in two mites, a mere pittance compared to what the others were giving.  Jesus was so moved by her act of love he called His disciples aside for a teaching moment and said, “Assuredly, I say to you that this poor widow has put in more than all those who have given to the treasury; for they all put in out of their abundance, but she out of her poverty put in all she had, her whole livelihood.”  (Mark 12:43-44) 

God looks at what is left not what is given.  It is not the amount of the gift but the heart and sacrifice of the gift that stirs the heart of God.  The teaching of Jesus in Luke 6:38 was the measure or proportion you use in giving determine the return from God.  If you dip a spoonful out of your giant reservoir that’s how it is coming back. You didn’t notice, miss, or feel it when you gave and you won’t when it comes back.  But, if you give as this widow and as the Children of Israel in the Wilderness you will assuredly notice it when it returns.  It will be good measure, shaken down, running over.  Giving God’s Way is out of a willing heart and a willing spirit. It is out of love and is an expression of faith in God and His Promises.

Remember this the next time you are presented with a need and as Paul said, “Do not give due to pressure from man but out of a willing heart with cheerfulness.”  God Loves a Cheerful Giver!   God, bless you richly is my desire and prayer!


Spiritual Blog - God Shines

Proverbs 4:20-27 – “My son, give attention to my words; Incline your ear to my sayings. 21 Do not let them depart from your eyes; Keep them in the midst of your heart; 22 For they are life to those who find them, And health to all their flesh. 23 Keep your heart with all diligence, For out of it spring the issues of life. 24 Put away from you a deceitful mouth, And put perverse lips far from you. 25 Let your eyes look straight ahead, And your eyelids look right before you. 26 Ponder the path of your feet, And let all your ways be established. 27 Do not turn to the right or the left; Remove your foot from evil.”  NKJV

             The wise man of Proverbs 4 continues under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to give some incredibly practical and beneficial guidance on how we can follow Him into the place that God desires each of us to achieve.  He gives some powerful instruction in verses 23-27 and I pray you will give them consideration.

In Psalm 91 we find a picture of the Place of Victory that God desires each of His children to enjoy and live.  Jesus has come that we might have life more abundantly.  He came to redeem us from the curse of the law and bring us into a place of complete and full victory.  He has come to cause us to always triumph in Him.  It is my conviction that God intends for all of His children to enjoy all of His provisions.  He is not glorified when we fail to come into our full inheritance in Christ.  The problem is that too often we fail to understand that there is more to our inheritance and heritage than we now have and as a result, we do not look for or yearn for more.  That results in many living beneath the place of promise and privilege God desires.  I pray that blindness is broken in all lives today.

If you will recall, from Scripture, when God had used Moses to bring Israel to the place where they could enter into the Promised Land and take possession of their inheritance, Moses gave each tribe a prophecy.  I always remind people that in order to take possession they had to first dispossess the inhabitants living on their land.  Jesus has purchased for us a Full Inheritance, but for us to enjoy that reality we must move in and through the Holy Spirit and dispossess the squatters on our inheritance.  There were twelve parcels and twelve prophecies. The number twelve represents completeness. Therefore, we need to consider what the prophecies were to the twelve tribes and realize that those promises are part and parcel of our inheritance in Jesus.  Hold in your mind that it is always “first the natural and then the spiritual.”  As we look at the natural we can glean spiritual truth and move into our spiritual inheritance in God.

I want to rehearse these prophecies in a very concise and compact form and hope that as we consider them we can evaluate whether or not we are enjoying our full spiritual inheritance in the here and now.  If we are we can rejoice greatly and reach out to others helping them to move into their inheritance.  If we are not we are made aware of our need to fall on our faces in repentance and open our eyes to God’s Promises and the Possibilities He has for us.  We can then begin the process of dispossessing so that we can possess.

Consider the Prophecies which are found in Deuteronomy 33:

RUBEN – (v.6) the promise was LIFE with many heirs.

JUDA – (v.7) the promise was SUFFICIENCY.

BENJAMIN – (v.12) the promise was PROTECTION and DELIVERANCE.

JOSEPH – (vv.13-17) the promise was the PRESENCE OF GOD, BAPTISM IN THE HOLY SPIRIT, and SPIRITUAL GIFTS.  Verse 17 refers to his two sons Ephraim and Manasseh.

EPHRIAM – (v.17) the promise was GLORY.

MANASSEH – (V.17) the promise was GLORY.

ZEBULUN – (v.18) the promise was JOY.

ISSACHAR – (vv.18-19) the promise was PROSPERITY.

GAD – (vv.20-21) the promise was INCREASE.

DAN – (v.22) the promise was AUTHORITY.

NAPHTALI – (v.23) the promise was SATISFACTION.

ASHER – (vv.23-24) the promise was ANOINTING – “Oil”.

Just as with Israel there was an enemy sitting on and attempt to prevent each of those tribes from moving into and possessing their Promise and realizing the fulfillment of the Prophetic Inheritance.  Those enemies had to be driven out and we also have to move the enemy off of our inheritance and Possess the Promise.

Consider Deuteronomy 33:26-27 where we realize that God Himself is not only willing to help but comes with all of His power and might to enable us to Possess the Promise!  Thus, the question, “Are we enjoying our inheritance and if now what must we do to Possess the Promise?”  You can be more than you are now experiencing because God has made you the Complete in Him.  If the enemy is camping on our Place of Promise I encourage you to ask the Holy Spirit to come and empower you to evict the squatter.

God, bless you richly is my desire and prayer!



Spiritual Blog - Attainable

Proverbs 4:20-27 – “My son, give attention to my words; Incline your ear to my sayings. 21 Do not let them depart from your eyes; Keep them in the midst of your heart; 22 For they are life to those who find them, And health to all their flesh. 23 Keep your heart with all diligence, For out of it spring the issues of life. 24 Put away from you a deceitful mouth, And put perverse lips far from you. 25 Let your eyes look straight ahead, And your eyelids look right before you. 26 Ponder the path of your feet, And let all your ways be established. 27 Do not turn to the right or the left; Remove your foot from evil.”  NKJV

When I first became, a Christian I thought that life would be a bed of roses and all my troubles were behind me.  I quickly found out that that bed of roses had thorns and my troubles, in many ways, had just begun.  However, I also have learned that when we take God’s Word as our guide we find precepts and principles that elevate us into such a heavenly realm that is both attainable and applicable in our daily lives.

I have been told, “Be careful that you don’t become so heavenly minded that you are no earthly good.”  I consider that a deception of hell and while I understand the idea that although we are citizens of another kingdom we still live in this world and must function here.  God is not in the habit nor does he practice teaching lofty principles that are unattainable by every member of the family of God, the “born-again.”  In fact, the Bible teaches that if we so saturate our lives with His Word and embrace His principles and precepts those truth and objectives are not a utopian dream but an attainable reality and part of the birthright and heritage of every Christian.  GOD IS OUR FATHER and we are Heirs of God and Joint-Heirs with Jesus! 

As I study Proverbs 4, I find some incredible Life Giving Instructions that are liberating and empowering.  Principles that are attainable and applicable for daily living and available to every believer.  I would like to briefly walk you through some of the things which I believe will enlighten and empower each of us in our earthly Christian walk.

He beings by commanding each person to GIVE ATTENTION, which is to attend to or do something.  He is instructing those who listening and all who would come after to take the instructions contained in God’s Words and apply them to their lives. This involves hearing, understanding, and acting upon those principles and precepts.  Then he says, INCLINE YOUR EAR or LISTEN.  That is one area that virtually everyone falls short.  We need to allow our understanding to be illuminated so that we are able to comprehend and respond to what is being taught and said. It is at that point we are able to be Doers of the Word not simply Hearers.  Then he says, DO NOT LET THEM DEPART FROM YOUR EYES.  How many of us keep the Word of God in the forefront of our minds all the time?  If you can receive it, this is a Covenant Phrase.  The reality is that we become what we constantly behold.  It is imperative that we rehearse God’s Promises and Covenant in our hearts and minds at all times.  In that condition, we are ready to respond at any time and all the time.  Next, he says, KEEP THEM IN THE MIDST OF YOUR HEART.  If I keep the Word of God before me, pay attention, incline my ear to hear and never let them depart from my eyes or my heart I will become so filled with God and His Spirit.  It is in that condition that we will can and are truly SPIRIT LED rather than controlled by emotions or human reason.  It is at that point that our words, deeds, and life becomes an extension of Christ Himself and when people see or hear us they see or hear Jesus.

The result of that kind of life produces a two-fold benefit as seen in Verse 22 – Life and Health.  What an objective and goal!  That is not a Utopian pipedream but a present reality that God wants each of us to enter into.  How many of us would like to be more Christ-like in our daily demonstrations?  How many of us would like to live in God’s Abundant Life and walk in His Divine Health?  How many of us would like to have more power in our prayers and more anointing on our words?  How many?  MOST, I’M SURE.  It is not only possible it is probable if we will follow the prescription offered by the writer of Proverbs 4.

God, bless you richly as you enjoy this wonderful day in Jesus!



Spiritual Blog - Problems

Psalm 121:1 – “I will lift up my eyes to the hills — From whence comes my help?”  NKJV

             We have addressed Knowing the Will of God, Doing the Will of God, and Speeding up the Process.  Now I want to conclude with one final consideration that opens the door to God’s Remedy for Life’s Problems and Defeating Discouragement and Disappointment.


I ask that you hear what I’m going to say carefully. Just because you win a battle does not mean you have won the war.  If you are going to overcome doubt, depression, discouragement, discontentment, and inconsistency and walk in victory you have to do more than defeat the attack of today, you must learn to walk in God’s victory every day.  The devil may be a defeated foe but he does not give up easily or quit.  He has learned that Christians, too often, become discouraged and give up just short of the victory.

Can we or how can we Ward Off the Attacks of the devil?  I will suggest there is only one sure way to achieve that end – PRAYER!  James 5:16 instructs, “Confess your trespasses to one another, and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.”  One of the key conditions for the fulfillment of this prayer is RIGHTEOUSNESS.  A danger in saying that is that some may allow condemnation to creep in where the desired result is not seen or pride when it is.  God has offered two specific principles of prayer that are worth considering.


I have discovered that although God desires to do for us, He will sometimes wait until we pray.  A prime example of that is Salvation.  God does not SAVE US until we call upon Him.  He would never violate our will and make us nothing more than a puppet.  Remember Adam & Eve in the Garden made a choice and the result was destruction.  God loves everyone and desires that none perish, yet He waits for us to come to Him and pray.


Is another factor in the process!  Have you ever felt like God was asking, “Are you really serious?  Do you really mean it?”  I have felt like He was asking, “Roy, can you do without this request or is it something that you desire, need, or must have at all costs?”  In the latter, I find that persistence is a given and I will keep asking, knocking, and seeking because I am desperate and determined.  I recall reading of John Knox, the Scottish reformer who prayed, “Give me Scotland or I die.”  Moses prayed that if God would not forgive the sin of Israel that He blot out Moses name from His book. (Exodus 32) Naaman the leper had to dip seven times in the Jordan.  Why not once and be done with it?  I believe that one of the reasons is God was asking him to believe, be obedient, and persistent.  The Children of Israel had to walk around the city of Jericho thirteen times, and also had to blow the trumpets. Before the Promised Holy Spirit came to the church, 120 people prayed for 10 days.  PERSISTENCE is essential for Answered Prayer!

I am fully convinced that God has a Remedy for Discouragement, Disappointment, and the Difficulties of Life but one of the key factors is knowing and understanding God’s Will for our lives.   God gives talents, abilities, and gifts and expects us to develop them and exercise them.  He expects us to invest ourselves in studying His Word and in Prayer.  It is as we grow in grace that we overcome and become established on the Rock that is Higher than we.

           May the Lord richly bless you, guard and guide you in your walk for Him on this day!




Spiritual Blog - Solutions

Psalm 121:1 – “I will lift up my eyes to the hills — From whence comes my help?”  NKJV

Not only must we Discover the Will of God for our lives and Practice that Will of God there are other results moving us toward God’s Remedy for Life’s Problems.  There are factors that will speed up the process and bring us into the Presence of the King of Kings.


             I want to give you some points to ponder and things to consider implementing in your life that will help you move from any sense of dissatisfaction and help alleviate inconsistency in your spiritual life.  If they resonate with you, then you can seek the Lord to find ways to make them a part of your daily life.

One activity or action that will help propel you into God’s Remedy is to “Help Others.”  Become a servant of the Lord and in so doing you will serve people.  Every day, I see hurting people and opportunities to demonstrate Christian Charity and Love.  Children should look for ways to help their parents.  Men, if you see a lady standing, get up and give her your seat.  Husbands, never forget to compliment your wives and when you are being seated in a restaurant it would not hurt you to pull out her chair and open the car door for her or any door.  I don’t care what the modern idea is about equality, chivalry is not or does not have to be dead.  If you see someone needing help with loading groceries in the car, offer to help.  Little things might be the difference in life or death for someone spiritually.  Keep your eyes open to be a helping hand.  Remember you are a representative of Jesus!

Someone said we need to learn ‘GIGO.’  What is GIGO?  It is a buzz word used in times past in the world of technology and means, “Garbage In – Garbage Out” or GIGO.  A computer is limited to what is put in, it can only give what it has received.  That is true for us as well.  Remember what Peter said to the lame man at the gate?  “Such as I have I give…”  This applies to our minds as well, we are told to bring every thought captive to the obedience of Christ and encourage to pray that the Lord put a watch at our minds, eyes, ears, and mouths so that the words of our mouths and the meditation of our hearts are pleasing and acceptable in God’s sight.  The eyes are often described as the “windows of the soul.”  So, learn GIGO and avoid allowing garbage to enter.

Another activity or attitude I would suggest is to learn to “Act as If You Can.”  In every situation, it is vital that you study what is happening, what has been and is being said, how the other person or persons are acting and speaking.  You would not expect a cowboy to ride his bronc wearing a pinstripe suit and would not expect a stock broker to look like a TV wrestler.  Dress and act in the manner that is appropriate for the situation and need.  Present the image and attitude that You Can because YOU CAN.  You can through Jesus.  Also, if it is an area of expertise that you are unqualified for do not pretend to be something you are not but be who you are.

Another factor that I always encourage is “Work Hard” or be “Diligent in Your Efforts.”  People respect effort.  Sadly, some are trying to fight WWIII with Revolutionary War Weapons.  You need to work smart not just hard and that means being prepared and equipped for the task.  If you need more education go to school even if it is one class per semester.  If you need more hands-on training volunteer and learn from those mentoring and monitoring you.  Give it your best at all times and in all things.  If you do what needs to be done in the best way you can do it, reject any sense of frustration if it does not turn out like you hoped.  It may be that God is continuing your learning process in His training you for reigning in Him.

I want to address one more aspect of this but will pause here and ask the Lord to bless and keep you as you complete today’s journey.



Spiritual Blog - Identity

Psalm 121:1 – “I will lift up my eyes to the hills — From whence comes my help?”  NKJV

Knowing the Will of God is the beginning but that is not enough to provide the remedy for life’s problems, discouragement, or dissatisfaction.  We must move beyond KNOWING His will to the next step.


If you want to find peace, contentment, satisfaction, and a sense of fulfillment in life it is found in Doing the Will of God.  When you realize, you are special to Him, have a specific and special purpose in the Kingdom of God that brings an incredible sense of contentment and peace.  He has uniquely and is uniquely preparing you for that purpose.  That is awesome!

In Colossians, Paul addressed some specific things that transpire when we DO the Will of God.  One of the first is, we develop a “Worthy Walk.”  I had someone tell me that they had studied the walk of various athletes and professions and each has a unique and identifiable walk.  This person said that basketball players have a bounce in their walk whereas football players seem to devour the sidewalk.  This person insisted there are certain, identifiable mannerisms in other groups as well.  Athletes walk in a certain way, policemen have a unique walk, and postal carriers a totally different way.  I know that men in special forces can identify those who are brother in arms by their walk, mannerisms, and body language.  These mannerisms become part of who they are.  Have you ever noticed that some dogs strut?  They can’t do anything about it, it is who they are, part of their pedigree and in their DNA.  It is who they are.  Likewise, it is in our heritage as members of the family of God to carry distinguishing signs with us and when we are actively engaged in DOING THE WILL OF GOD we begin to develop a “Worthy Walk” that is noticeable and identifiable.

A second mark or identifier is we being to live “Fruitful Lives.”  Apple trees produce apples and orange trees produce oranges and that is how it will always be. Matthew 12:33 reminds us that a tree is known by its fruit.  I am convinced that once you have truly caught the passions and purpose of God’s Will for your life you will seize every opportunity to Glorify Him and as a result, will become a WITNESS and sharing His Redemptive Plan will be a joy.  It is important that we learn contentment and as the saying goes, “bloom where we are planted.”

A third mark is we will have an ever growing “Knowledge of God.”  Most Christians long for consistency in their walk with God.  It is too easy to blame the devil, a dead church, a cold uninspiring preacher, work, difficulties, or something for our inconsistency.  Yet, when we invest ourselves in the Word of God and meditate on that Word day and night we find that our lives become more consistent and we have fewer and fewer ups and downs.  Yes, we continue to face difficulties, trials, and tests but we are STEADFAST and UNMOVABLE in the Lord because we know Him and are invested in doing His will and purpose for our lives.  If we fail to give God adequate time in each day we will grow weak and become weary.  I am not going to attempt to legislate how much time you need to give Him, that is between you and He but if you give Him the scraps you will not be nourished and strong.  Habits are hard to break and take time, to develop.  It is reported that it takes 21 consecutive like experiences to form a habit.  When someone tells me that something is a habit I usually say, “Well you worked at it.”  If you want consistency you have to invest the time, effort, and energy in God and His Word and it will produce consistency in your life.

A fourth mark is you will develop “Spiritual Strength” and find “Spiritual Power” in a new measure that will be inspiring and encouraging.  I find it incredibly comforting to know that I do not have to rely on my strength, wisdom, knowledge, or ability but I can draw from His.  You are not alone!  You do not have to do this in your own power!  Remember the words of Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.”  Hallelujah!

A fifth mark is you will become “Steadfast” and increase in “Patience.”  One of the most encouraging stories in the Bible is that of Joseph.  He was treated in a terribly cruel manner by his brothers, sold into slavery, falsely accused, and forgotten.  However, because of his faithfulness, steadfastness, and loyalty to God, he was promoted in God’s purpose and became Prime Minister of Egypt.  He never forgot who he was and never denied what had happened to him but he recognized that it was God working in his life to bring him to God’s purpose and over time, God prepared him for service.  It is possible to be pressed into service too quickly and be destroyed by the position and responsibility.  But at the right time, God will promote each of us.

A sixth mark is you will develop a “Spirit of Thanksgiving” and demonstrate “Thankfulness.”  I have been told that many tribal languages do not have a word for “thankfulness.” Why?  Because thankfulness is a spiritual principle and a biblical principle.  I have observed that there has been a shift away from saying, “Please, Thank You, Yes Sir and No Sir.”  Adults often mutter, uh-huh under their breath and the children say nothing at all.  Paul warned of this spirit and time saying that in the last day’s people would become lovers of self, lovers of money, boastful, arrogant, revilers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, and unholy.  (2 Timothy 3:2) As we mature in God, discover who He is and pursue His purposes we become more and more thankful.

I want to address just a bit more on this subject so I will pause again and pick this up next time.  May the Lord richly bless you is my prayer and desire!




Psalm 121:1 – “I will lift up my eyes to the hills — From whence comes my help?”  NKJV

As we consider God’s remedy for Life’s Problems and His bringing us to a state of contentment and destroying dissatisfaction we realize that the real cure is “Spiritual Growth” and “Spiritual Maturity.”  If you are standing still you are stagnant and have become stuck. That will not only not lead you to the remedy and victory it will open the door for discouragement, disappointment, and defeat.

Contentment grows out of understanding the Will of God.  It is there we are able to walk worthy of His calling, remain faithful to His purposes, increase in the Knowledge of God, become strong, steadfast and allow patience to possess our souls.  This is addressed in Colossians 1:7-12 and I encourage you to read, meditate upon, and allow the truth of those verses to become a part of your consciousness and commitment.  That brings us to some important factors that we need to address.


Even the Lord Jesus Himself felt it a primary purpose, His responsibility, call and commission to Glorify the Father.  How did He do that?  In John 17:4 he said, “I glorified thee on earth, having accomplished the work which thou has given me to do.”  Jesus glorified the Father by DOING or COMPLETING His assignment.  He was and is the Chief Corner Stone in the Building of God.  In the Garden, Jesus prayed, “Father if it is possible, let this cup pass, but if not then Your Will Be Done.”  That must become our prayer, commitment, and purpose.

The immediate question and one that I am asked repeatedly is, “What work has the Lord assigned to me?” or “How can I know the will of God?”  I probably cannot answer either of those satisfactorily for everyone but ask you to consider what is in your heart? What is your passion?  What cocks your pistol spiritually?  What motivates you?  Those will help you discover your purpose.  But beyond that, we have all been given the Commission to share God’s Redemptive Plan with the world.  Acts 1:8 should be a reminder and encouragement, “But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.”  He did not say you might receive power but you WILL and He did not say you might be a witness, He said you WILL be witnesses.  Therefore, one clear purpose for your life is taking the Gospel of Jesus to the lost.

I am 100% convinced we will never be aware of God’s Will and Purpose for our lives UNTIL we are aware of God’s Person, Who God is.  Hudson Taylor, the great missionary to China, had a plaque on his wall as a constant reminder and encouragement that read, “The sun stood still, the iron did float, this God is our God!”  He is the God of miracles and is the same yesterday, today, and forever.  Remember from the biblical record that God answered the prayer of an ordinary man and the sun stood still.  He suspended the Law of Gravity and the iron ax head floated as seen in Joshua 10;13 and 2 Kings 6:6. This is the God to whom we pray.  This is the God of our call and purpose. This is the God on whom we rely and upon whose Promised we rest.  He is El-Shaddai, the God who is enough!  He is Jehovah-Nissi, our banner.  He is Jehovah-Shalom, our peace.  He is Jehovah-Tsidkenu, our peace.  He is Jehovah-Jireh, our provider. He is Jehovah-Raphe, our healer.  He is Jehovah-Ra’ah, our shepherd.  He is Jehovah-Shammah, the one who is always there.

In the business and industrial world, the past is extremely important with regard to employee performance.  The past is the best indicator of how a person will perform in the future.  Likewise, with God, we can evaluate His past and find incredible comfort and encouragement.  He is Truth and therefore it is impossible for Him to lie.  He is Omniscient and it is impossible for Him to be deceived.  He is Omnipotent making it impossible for Him to confront a situation that He cannot overcome.  He is Omnipresent making it impossible for Him to be late.

You will never know the will of God until you know the God of the will!  If you want to know God’s will for your life the best and the first place to begin is “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness.”  Make the pursuit of God your purpose and He will reveal His plans for your life, equipping and preparing you in the process.

I must address a bit more on this so I will pause here and pick up in the next devotional.  God, bless you richly as you walk in Him this wonderful day He has made and go forth rejoicing and being glad!