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Psalm 56:8 – “You have taken account of my wanderings; Put my tears in Your bottle. Are they not in Your book?”  NASU

             I don’t know about you but I’ve experienced times when I wondered if God cared about my situation or even heard my prayers.  I know that makes me less than Superman spiritually but that’s who I am.  I have long realized that I am a flawed vessel and battle human weakness.  I learned long ago that I cannot walk this walk or live this Christian life without God’s help.  It is a constant cry of my heart for the Holy Spirit to guide me into all truth, teach me to pray, pray through me, and for the LORD to give me the strength I need.  “Give us this day our daily bread…”

I remember once when there was an attack on my family that involved people who had the power in the natural to do us great harm.  There was a false accusation and although the Holy Spirit enabled us to get affidavits from about 14 people affirming our side of the story and refuting the false charges I grew weary.  I should have been on cloud nine and my faith should have gone through the roof but like Elijah, after the battle with Jezebel and the Prophets of Baal I found myself in a wilderness spiritually and moaning.  Even though we were going to defeat the false accusations things transpired to move us to take actions that robbed me of the closeness and fellowship I longed for in the natural.  Because of the power the people making the charges had in our city we deemed it advisable that our son should go out of town to college rather than being subjected to the possible fabrication of other accusations and it broke my heart.  Yes, I was feeling sorry for myself that my son would be away and I would not see him or enjoy his company every day. Yes, I wept and made my bed float with tears as we battled this. 

I even said to God, in prayer, “Lord, you are a Father and we are your children.  I would not treat my kids the way you are allowing us to be treated if I could do anything about it.”  Before you cast me aside and call me what I deserve to be called for that attitude, understand that I always try, to be honest with God.  He already knows what I was thinking and by expressing it I open the door, as Job, for Him to deal with the fallacy of my thinking and bring healing.  I never pretend with God and try not to pretend with anyone. 

I read this passage during that time and it brought comfort and confrontation.  David, in a very difficult time, under constant attack by those who wanted to bring about his destruction was continually praying.  In other Psalms, we find that he lamented from time to time that God was not hearing his prayers. Here he encouraged himself in the Lord and reminded himself that God knew what he was going through.  He emphasized that by saying, “You…put my tears in Your bottle.  Are they not in your book?”  Each time I read that I am brought face to face with the reality and truth that GOD KNOWS EVERYTHING.  If my tears are so valuable to Him that he would bottle them up and record them in His Eternal Record Book that means I AM IMPORTANT TO HIM.  If he knows the number of hairs on my head and how many tears I have cried, His love is beyond anything I can fathom as a human being.  If He takes the time to bottle up my tears and record them, then HE IS HEARING MY CRIES.  He has not forgotten me and since I know that He is Omnipotent He is not incapable of handling my request.  Since I know that He is LOVE, I know that His promise that if I will call upon Him He will receive me and give me that which I need.  That brings me to one of my favorite verses and a constant in my life.  1 John 5:14-15, “This is the confidence which we have before Him, that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us.  And if we know that He hears us in whatever we ask, we know that we have the request which we have asked from Him.”  HALLELUJAH! 

God hears our prayers, bottles our tears up in His bottle as a continual reminder of our plight and even records them in His book.  No wonder, the Bible says that in Heaven He will wipe away all our tears.  Your tears are precious to Him because you are precious to Him.  How Much Does He Care?  Enough to Die for Us on the Cross!

            God, bless you as you rest in the Peace of God’s Promises and Person!